Legal Assistant Job Description and the FAQ


The legal assistant is also known as Paralegals that have an important role in the organization or company. They are a professional who helps the individual lawyer or legal teams by preparing to prioritize legal documents. Therefore, you need to create a good legal assistant job description that will help you to select the proper candidate to work on your organization or company.

The legal assistant job description design template 

Since a legal assistant has an important role, you need to be careful to look for this candidate. You have to look for superb research and administrative skills for a legal assistant. Commonly, a legal assistant is expected to work well under the pressure and deliver on tight deadlines in the fast-paced environment. Therefore, you should have a strong personality.

Besides, a legal assistant also will provide administrative support to lawyers and improve office effectiveness. Therefore, you need to have a self-motivated legal assistant to make sure the smooth running of the office and effective case management.

To succeed in the legal assistant, you need to be proficient at multi-tasking, intuitive, and excellent communicators with a keen interest in providing accurate and insightful support. The top candidate for this job is experts in key legal concept with fantastic organizational skills and great IT skills and attention to detail.

The legal assistant responsibilities 

The legal assistant has some responsibilities that should be known for the candidate. Some legal assistant job description responsibilities are:

  • Demeanor the legal research on the case and gather the pertinent legal information
  • Translate the laws, ruling and regulation in a legal document
  • Locate and develop the case-relevant information
  • Handle communication with the clients, witness, and so forth
  • Administratively support and attend trials
  • Monitor, study and develop written summaries of proposed and enacted legislation, regulation, court decision, and other relevant publication
  • Facilitate with case preparation such as open and close the arguments and help in court motions or pleading
  • General administrative duties like replying the correspondence and taking the telephone calls

The legal assistant requirements 

A legal assistant also needs some requirements to fulfill for the candidate. Some legal assistant job description requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law or paralegal certification or similar
  • Having more than 2 years of legal research experience
  • Having more than 2 years of experience in drafting the legal and business documents
  • Analytical thinker with solid conceptual and research skills
  • Capable to understand and interpret the legal documents
  • Solid organizational skills and meticulous attention detail
  • Capable to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills

The legal assistant FAQ

What does a legal assistant do?

Mostly, the legal assistant will support the lawyers with various tasks such as conducting legal research, drafting and review the documents, and so forth. Therefore, based on the legal assistant job description template, you need to graduate from high school associate with Paralegal Studies.

Can I edit the legal assistant job description here?

Of course, you can. The legal assistant job description here is editable. It means that you can change and edit any detailed information without any difficulties. Because of that, you do not worry to create the best legal assistant job description idea here.


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