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Sample Lesson Plan Outline for Training and Education

Learning is a part of human life. Students learn several courses in the school. Meanwhile, the company and organizations have training for improving skills. Those are the parts of learning, even though the implementation and situation are quite different. For making the proper learning, you need a sample lesson plan outline.

The sample will guide you on how to make the proper lesson plan. The outline will have sections and items that you must complete. In school, students will know what they get after having a lesson from teachers. In the company, the employees understand what kind of skill to be expected after the training session is done.

Sample Lesson Plan Outline Basic Ideas

The lesson plan has been a part of the education system. Keep in mind the plan is not just about school, but any learning, educational session, seminar, and training will also use this kind of plan. The outline is about the item or thing that must be written in the plan.

Teachers and educators use the plan as a guideline. It starts with learning objectives, materials, activities, examination, and evaluation. The items might be different, but the basic concept is still similar. That’s what you should know about the sample lesson plan outline.

Sample Lesson Plan Outline and Templates

The next section will explore some templates you get for this kind of plan. Each is created for a specific purpose. Usually, the company already has a template for training and development. After exploring the below templates, you may adjust or edit a few things to ensure the result is what you need the most.

  1. General lesson plan outline

This outline is for any lesson plan you make. It is a versatile option, especially for schools and companies.

  1. Training lesson plan

The training lesson plan is dedicated to learning that focuses on quick skills. In the company, the training has objectives for improving performance and capability. Employees often have quick training for learning a practical skill.

  1. Preschool lesson plan outline

This plan is for preschool educational level. Teachers should follow the plan and try to implement it. The good thing about this plan is it’s quite flexible. You can improvise and change a few things.

  1. College lesson plan outline

The college has several lesson plans, depending on the course, level, major, and project. The plan itself is an official document.

  1. Special lesson plan outline

Some lessons are specifically dedicated for special skill or capability. This kind of plan can be more flexible or fixed.

  1. Monthly lesson plan outline

The monthly lesson plan outline is for learning or training in the monthly period. Teachers put everything that they must be taught for students.

Sample Lesson Plan Outline Main Design

The sample lesson plan outline has layout and design, depending on the learning objective, content, and period. Most of the plans look like official forms with several items. The preschool lesson plan is more casual since the teachers focus on practical implementation. You can have the plan with a tabular and checklist.

Sample Lesson Plan Outline Free Download

All templates for sample lesson plan outline are free. You can use the previous one if the learning is repetitive. On the contrary, a special lesson must have a specific plan. You can edit, expand, and add the items to ensure the plan is compatible with your needs.   

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