9+ Thanksgiving Menu Template PSD Template Free

Thanksgiving Menu Template Guidelines and Samples

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday in the US. Usually, people celebrate it by having dinner with family or friends. Of course, this celebration must be planned properly. In this case, you will need a thanksgiving menu template. So, you and your family or friends will enjoy having dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

How to Plan a Thanksgiving Menu Template

Using our PSD thanksgiving menu template, you can plan it easily. However, you still need to consider the following tips. First of all, you have to brainstorm the thanksgiving menu. For example, it contains 2 to 3 appetizers, 3 to 4 side dishes, 1 to 2 main dishes, and 2 to 3 desserts.


Second of all, you should think about the table setting. In this case, you must ensure that all guests have what they need. Therefore, they will enjoy the foods and beverages you have prepared. You also need to consider some important components like the menus, napkins, glassware, cutlery, plates, & others.

How to Design a Thanksgiving Menu Template

When it comes to a Thanksgiving menu template PSD, you have to be able to design it well. There are some points to consider. Firstly, you must think about the background color whether it is a simple color or multiple colors. Secondly, you have the option to use a background image, too.

After that, you need to consider typing in all the information on the thanksgiving menu. It includes all the dishes you serve from the appetizers to the desserts. In addition, you may use different fonts in order to emphasize the text.

Now, it is a good idea to add some images and graphics to the PSD Thanksgiving menu design template. You can find the images easily on the internet. Last but not least, you can directly print it out. However, you may still need to review it first.

Classic Dishes for a Thanksgiving Menu Template

There are many ideas of classic dishes you can consider for your Thanksgiving menu. Of course, you must decide the menu based on what you and the guests love. Some of the examples include herb-roasted turkey, crock-pot potatoes with cheese, and sweet potato casserole.

Of course, there are still many other classic dishes you can plan for your Thanksgiving menu template PSD design. They include baked Mac & cheese, classic cornbread dressing, 7-layer salad, mashed potatoes, cranberries & gelatin salad, buttermilk dinner rolls with honey, and many more.

How to Create a Thanksgiving Menu Template Step by Step

Creating this kind of template is not difficult. It requires you to follow some steps. Firstly, you just need to work with a menu template available in this article. Make sure that you choose the most appropriate one so that it meets your needs.


After that, you can design your own template. If you want to edit the thanksgiving menu template, you can do it easily using Adobe Photoshop. After you are sure that there is no mistake and error, you can directly print it out and distribute it to your family or friends.

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