5+ Printable A1C Chart Template and Why It Is Important

The term A1C is linked to the blood glucose checking. The blood glucose checking itself is a beneficial testing to understand the risk of someone of developing diabetic symptoms. And to help people understand better regarding the matter, there are printable A1C chart that you can have online. This is so easy to use, and it doesn’t take you much time to create. Good thing is, it’s free of charge!

A1c to Blood Glucose Conversion Table

When it comes to diabetes, routine checkup is a must. Why so? It is carried out in order to get the result of the diabetic’s blood glucose level. When the blood glucose level (or sometimes called as blood sugar level) is increasing, then it should light the red lamp—marking that medical intervention is required, especially if the condition persists.

A1c To Blood Glucose Conversion Table

A1c To Blood Glucose Conversion Table


Or, if it is your first time checking the blood sugar levels at home, you should try to change your lifestyle and diet. Poor dietary control contributes as much as the poor lifestyle in terms of escalating diabetes’ risk in someone. Let alone if that someone is having a diabetic hereditary trait; then it’d be very important to take a steer away from unhealthy lifestyle and bad diet.

Blood Sugar Tracker

When it comes to blood sugar level checking, A1C is often heard. But what is actually a A1C? A1C test is basically a test, which is also popularly known as HbA1c test or hemoglobin A1C test. This test is a simple test using your blood as sample to measure the average blood sugar levels for the past 3 months.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Blood Sugar Tracker


It is widely used as a diagnosing test; which later will help physicians to categorize someone as prediabetic, diabetic, or just having a normal value of blood sugar level. To interpret the test result, physician is the ones to go to. But if you are curious, you can grab a sample of printable A1C chart and learn what your average blood sugar level is.

A1C Conversion Table

You may ask what A1C conversion table is. Well, it is basically similar with printable A1C chart, and it is basically a table to help you understand how much your average level of glucose level is, given that you are having the value of your HbA1c test.

A1c Conversion Table

A1c Conversion Table


The HbA1c blood sugar level test result typically ranges from 4-14. Within this range, you can get varied average of blood levels in mg/dL (which is the most used measurement unit when it comes to measuring blood sugar level), or even in mmol/L.

The table typically has a column that would help to understand whether you are on the high risk of diabetes, medium risk, or having a normal amount of blood sugar level. Sometimes A1C conversion table also offers you what suggested action you need to take as a response of the interpretation of your A1C level.

Monthly Blood A1C

If you are currently combating diabetes, then it would be a great idea to check your blood sugar level routinely. However, it does not mean you have to check your blood sugar level in a daily basis. Well, it is fine to do so, but it will waste your diagnostic kit and if it’s gone it means you need to repurchase it again.

Monthly blood A1C

Monthly blood A1C


Hence, consider checking your blood sugar in a weekly or bi-weekly basis. That’d make you be more aware of your current condition as a diabetic.

If you are currently at the medium risk of diabetes, then you should learn and have printable A1C chart as well. A monthly routine check will help you to get a grip on your health condition. So, it will have a good effect on you.

Weekly Logbook A1C

How to use logbook A1C or printable A1C chart? Well, here is how to use it:

  1. Keep A1C printable chart on your possession and prepare it before taking a check.
  2. Have yourself visited your family physician. There, ask the physician to conduct a HbA1c test for you. Or you can simply visit any clinic where you can get the test conducted on you.
  3. Do the test and get the result.
  4. Using your A1C chart, read the result that mentioning your average glucose levels and which risk level you are in.
  5. Learn the fact and make your choice—if it turns out bad, you better take your baby step as soon as possible.

For example, let’s say your A1C test result mentioned that your score is 7. Then, according to the chart, your average blood sugar levels for the past months are around 150 mg/dL. If stated in other measurement unit, it would be 8.2 mmol/L.

Weekly logbook A1c

Weekly logbook A1c


This level of HbA1c mentioned that you are on the medium level of developing diabetic symptoms. You may not feel the hard symptoms, but consider having a consultation with your physician and, if needed, a nutritionist. This is to help you plan what kind of meal you should stick to.

People Also Ask

What is My A1C If My Blood Sugar is 170?

For easy understanding of the linking of your blood sugar and HbA1c test, that’d be great to download a printable A1C test. Hence you don’t have to go online just to learn in which category you are in.

According to the chart, if your blood sugar level stands in 170 mg/dL., your A1C measurement will be somewhere between 7.5-7.6. Unfortunately, you are in a borderline risk category of developing diabetes, and you should take a step to consult your doctor.

What is the Average Blood Sugar for A1C?

Each A1C value has different average blood sugar level. For example, the A1C of 4-5.8 is comparable to 50-120 mg/dL (2.6-6.7 mmol/L). For more detailed explanation, that would be better if you obtain a printable A1C chart on your own.

At What A1C Level Does Damage Start?

According to A1C chart, the average blood level starts to be detrimental starting at 6.1. With this value of A1C, the average blood sugar level is taking you somewhere around 129 mg/dL (7.1 mmol/L). Some other chart may even have it slightly lower, which is 6.0 or equal to 126 mg/dL (7.0 mmol/L).

So, that’s the information regarding printable A1C chart. With those all mentioned, it would be a great move towards health if you learn and use this chart anytime you are checking your blood sugar levels. That way, you can have your blood sugar and health quality all in check.

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