5+ Printable Puppy Shot Record Template

As a form of love to your canine fellow, vaccinations and health checks are a must. It helps your dogs in fleeing detrimental health issues that may affect them. As a pet owner, it is not a must to have such shot and health check report, but this would be beneficial if you want to keep track your dog’s shot and health status. Hence, to help you with that, a printable puppy shot record template is what exactly you need.


Animal Shot Record

Regardless of what animal you are having in your house, as long as you give your animal vaccinations, you may need this paper. Why so?

This printable puppy shot record will help you in tracking not only the shots received, but also the medical treatments that your animal is having. Therefore, in this record, you will a comprehensive data—starting from the animal’s owner name, date of birth, medical treatments that the animal ever had, the physical observations, and even its lineage.

Animal shot record

Animal shot record


Although such paper will be more beneficial for vets, you can benefit from animal shot record template as a great tool for collecting the relevant information of your animal. Thus, anytime you bring your animal to a vet visit that would be easier for the personnel to assess your animal’s data (given that you have learned about it before).


Dog Puppy Sale Report

Compared to the aforementioned printable puppy shot record, this paper is mainly used if you are a dog breeder. Hence, you should prepare this paper (often called as bill of sale as well) before selling your dog/puppy.

Dog Puppy Sale Report

Dog Puppy Sale Report


What does this paper contain? Typically, you will have the seller’s and buyer’s identity—including name, address, phone, and email. Then, it also contains the details of the dog, starting from its name, breed, date of birth, color, sex, registration number, and its state of health.

Not to forget, the parents’ name and registration number will also be typically stated through this form. Lastly, just like any formal document, it requires the signature of both parties.


Dog Health Record

This one would be great if you are an assessing vet or even a vet student that is currently doing clinical studies. With this form, you won’t need to make the document all by yourself. All fields are prepared, and you’ll only need to print it on a piece of paper.

Dog Health Record

Dog Health Record


Even if you are a pet owner, this paper of dog health record will be a nice paper to have. Why so? With this printable template, you can record the vaccination history as well as the health issues your dog have ever faced. Typically, it also has a specific field to help you note what symptoms your dog is having after having vaccines.


Printable Puppy Shot Record

Some of you may wonder why it is so important to take note of your puppy’s shot record. Well, there are several reasons why you need to keep track of it as a pet owner, which will be mentioned below:

  • First, it will help your vet to understand the vaccination record of your dog.
  • It helps your vet to anticipate whether there are post-vaccination symptoms that occurred to your dog.
  • If there are any vaccine-related diseases, your vet can find the cure for your dog as soon as possible.

printable puppy shot record

printable puppy shot record


Puppy Shot Record Information

Aside from those aforementioned, puppy shot record information will be required if you are going to give your pet to someone you trust to keep them as pet. Or, if you are a breeder, a puppy shot record will be most likely to be asked by the buyer.

puppy shot record information

puppy shot record information


Besides the vaccination record, buyers also tend to ask for medical record as well. The medical record should be issued by an active veterinarian who is capable to issue such document.


People Also Ask

What are shot records for puppies?

Shot records for puppies can be defined as a document that contains the vaccinations history of your dog. Not only the vaccines received, it will also contain the date of administration, the vaccine’s name, the date of follow-up, the veterinarian’s name who administered it. Not to forget, the post-vaccination symptoms will also be documented on this paper.

Such nicely constructed printable puppy shot record will be perfect for pet owner, animal clinic, as well as for the vet itself. It’s not that hard to make, though—you can grab a template for a quick result.


How can I keep track of my dog’s vaccinations?

Keeping track of your dog’s vaccination status is a must—not only it will help the vet to know you’re your canine friend has already taken a shot, but it will also help your vet in determining what should be done to your dog if someday the dog faces some kinds of heal

That said, taking notes of what vaccinations your dog is having, including what symptoms that occur post-vaccination is really important. To help you documenting that, you can grab a printable puppy shot record template, print it yourself, and note the information as needed.


What should a dogs shot record look like?

A dog’s shot record should look like the shot record on humans. That said, there are several aspects you should document in your printable template, which are as follows:

  • The vet’s name and clinic where you vaccinated your furry friend,
  • The vaccination date and time,
  • If needed, you can add which brand your vet used,
  • Not to forget, the symptoms that your dog is facing.

So, that’s the information related to printable puppy shot record. To sum it up, this kind of printable is not a must to have by pet owner. But, printing one, especially after your dog is having its shot will help you to document the details of the vaccination.

What aspects should you include in the shot record? There are some aspects you should write down, starting from the details of who and where your dog took the vaccination, date of vaccination, and the symptoms your dog is having post-vaccination. All of these typically will be present in printable puppy shot record template—hence it’ll be easier for you to download and print it for personal use.

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