10+ Printable Graph Paper Template with Axis in Various Sizes and Scales

Graph paper is one of the most common stationery used by students. This type of paper is typically used for Mathematics. However, its function doesn’t stop there – anyone can use graph paper for various purposes. If you are in need of one, you may want to consider use printable graph paper with axis. Using printable templates allow you to get affordable graph papers without having to buy them.

Coordinate Graph Paper         

There are so many various resources of graph paper that are available for free online. By only using several clicks, you can get a free one and won’t need to buy ever again. You just have to download and print the template to make it ready to use in a few minutes.

This coordinate graph paper template helps you to plot mathematical functions. With X and Y axis, the squared paper is available at US Letter paper size (8.5” x 11”). Feel free to download, print, and then use it according to your needs.

Graph Paper Cantimater         

Finding the right grid paper, no matter how simple, might turn to be a tricky task when you’re working at home or currently in a class room. That’s why you may want to use printable graph paper with axis that can be downloaded for free.

graph paper cantimater

graph paper cantimater


This graph paper is very versatile, as you can use it for design, science, and mathematics. With numbered squared and axis to guarantee you precise work, you can download the US letter sized paper for free and use it properly, as long as you can print it with accuracy.

Printable Graph Paper with Axis         

Graph paper goes by varieties of name, including ‘cartesian coordinates paper’, ‘axis graph paper’, or ‘math graph paper’. Regardless of the size and the size of grid, they essentially have to contain pre-drawn axis of X and Y with the origin that’s located at the paper’s center.

printable graph paper with axis

printable graph paper with axis


Download and use this provided printable graph paper with axis for your math assignment. It will be useful to create graph functions such as diagrams, charts, and many more.

Graph Paper Fifth Inch

This free resource of 5×5 graph paper offer you with five squares each inch. Every square within this paper measured at 0.2 x 0.2 inch.

graph paper fifth inch

graph paper fifth inch


This multipurpose graph paper can be used by students, professionals, and alike. It is very suitable for writing notes, creating diagram, drafting art projects, and more. This resource is idea for engineers, architects, and draftsmen to provide diagram, plot graphs, or statistical data.

Graph Paper Fourth Inch        

This engineering paper is available with 4×4 or 1/4 inch, which features 0.25 inch squares. Inside the paper is a neat format of continuous 1/4 square grid.

free graph paper fourth inch

free graph paper fourth inch


This 4×4 printable graph paper with axis is perfect whether you want to use it for technical drawing, engineering data, or simply just daily not taking.

Graph Paper Tenth Inch         

This specific 1×1 graph paper template provides you with ten squares per inch. Each square within this paper is measured at 0.1 x 0.1 inch.

graph paper tenth inch

graph paper tenth inch


The paper is a match for those of you who want to work with detailed piece. The 10 squares per inch will help you to create precise and manageable execution. It is available for free to use for work or school purpose.

Isometric Graph Paper

It is also commonly referred as 3D graph paper, is a triagonal paper that offers a set of 60-degree small triangles guidelines. This triangle forms hexagons by arranged in series of six. It is typically used for something that requires pseudo-three-dimensional or isometric views.

This free paper will assist you in accurately drawing angle. It can also be used to create trianglepoint embroidery design aside from other functions.

Free Axis Graph Paper Template Sample       

Graph paper is normally used to solve various problems of mathematic. One of the instances is where students would use it to represent relationship of numbers in visual way as they begin to learn addition and multiplication.

blue Axis Graph Paper Template Sample

blue Axis Graph Paper Template Sample


That’s the function served by this printable graph paper with axis. It can be used as well when they progress and need to draw geometric figures. In short, this paper function is flexible enough to help you with a wide range of mathematical work.

Sample Free Graph Paper with Axis   

This free standard graph paper offers efficient, precise, and neat arrangement of square. It is commonly utilized for work that requires lines and graphic function, creating symmetrical and repetitive functions, and projecting experiment or science project result.

Sample Free Graph Paper with axis

Sample Free Graph Paper with axis


This free downloadable graph paper is equipped with labels of x-axis and y-axis. The provided axes label will come convenient when you need it to present your project result or serve better graphic.

Square Graph Paper with Axis

Designer, engineers, students, and architects deal with a lot of work that requires them to stay within the line. This template of graph paper can facilitate this need. It serves as a proper guide for various work including math equations, architectural drawings, and plenty more.

pink square graph paper with axis

pink square graph paper with axis


In order to get this free template, you just simply have to click on the download button and save it to your device.

People Also Ask

What Is The Standard Graph Paper?

The standard grid paper comes with continual square shaped grid. You may have heard it referred with different name such as quad paper or quadrille paper. They commonly provide specific grid size such as 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 inch.      

Can I Print A Piece Of Graph Paper?

You absolutely can save a trip to stationery store and some money by printing free printable graph paper with axis. Graph paper template can be used for math, science, or other assignments.

By using online free resources, you’d be able to find graph paper in different paper sizes and scales. Just make sure that you download, print, and use the one that suit with your current requirements.

Can I Make Graph Paper In Word?

Microsoft Word is such handy software – and it also provides you with printable graph paper with axis template. You can specifically use template for graph paper made for Microsoft Word and then simply print it out.

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