5+ Template of Dog Vaccination Record Printable for Personal Use

Keeping track of your pet’s vaccines is one of the most basic things you should do as a pet owner. Aside from reducing potential health risk for your beloved animal and offering you peace of mind, it can also provide essential required information during travel. To ease this task, you may use this free dog vaccination record printable template.

Before you use the provided template below, you should know there is no fixed, one-fits-all schedule for dog vaccination. It may depend on several factors such as where you live and the individual health risk factors of your canine companion. So, make sure you have consulted to your pet’s vet regarding the matter.

Animal Health Record Feline  

Reserving a health record of your pets, whether you have a cat, dog, ferret, or other animals, is necessary to determine the type of treatment and care that they need. These information pieces are needed whenever they travel to another country, change vets, change owners, or change living location.

animal health record feline

animal health record feline


Similar to human, their dog vaccination record printable contains important health information that is confidential. Mostly, the information is useful for care providers and the health insurance company of your pet.

A complete pet health record contains visit history to the veterinarian’s office. There are also other variables that will let the vet determine the types of care that your dog needs in the upcoming future.

The common information details included are the age, breed, status of vaccination, and prior medical history of your pet. It also typically includes detailed information of medication records that previously prescribed to your pet and emergency visits to hospital.

Furthermore, some extended health record may include additional pet’s information such as exercise habit, diet regime, and rundown list of health examination conducted by vets.

Dog Vaccination Record         

If you are recently getting pups, then one of the first few things you should do is vaccinating them. In order to help them grow as healthy dogs that are being protected from infectious diseases, you will need to administer them regular vaccinations. Vaccinations also help to prevent the canine pets to pass dangerous diseases to other local animals.

Dog Vaccination Record

Dog Vaccination Record


In general, puppies usually receive their vaccinations at the 8 or 10 weeks, even though some might require vaccinations during their 4 or 6 weeks. The first administration is followed by the second dose in 2 or 4 weeks later.

To find out the best timings, you should speak to your pet’s vet. It’s necessary because different vaccines may need different timing of second dose. Although normally the vaccination record is provided by the vet, you may use this dog vaccination record printable template as personal supporting document.

Dog Vaccination Record Schedule     

In order to protect your pet against various harmful and deadly conditions, you have to give them vaccinations. Remember that each pet may have different risk factors.

dog vaccination record shedule

dog vaccination record shedule


Vaccines provide immunity for pets’ health for their lifetime. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them clear for various diseases caused by virus such as rabies, distemper, parvovirus, or hepatitis.

Generally, vets are going to recommends two types of vaccinations for pets: the core and non-core vaccine categories. The core vaccinations are required for every pet, while the non-core ones are usually given or suggested based on the lifestyle of your dogs.

To help pet owners understand which vaccinations needed by their pets, they can use dog vaccination record printable. It is a basic chart that provides information about what shots the dog requires and when to get the shots.

Pet Vaccination Record          

Pet vaccination record is a document to keep track of the vaccinations received by the pets. In additions, it also usually includes other information such as vet visits and surgeries. You may buy a sheet or a book that’s specifically intended for this purpose, but it is also possible to download and use this free dog vaccination record printable template.

Pet Vaccinatio Record

Pet Vaccinatio Record


This template contains all the information needed to know about your pet health. Inside, it offers the vaccination type, location, and date in which your dog receives the vaccinations.

Using an up-to-date documentation record has a few benefits for you as the pet owner and your pet. For once, it allows you to access an overview or an all-in-one detail about the medical history of your canine companion. It can be accessed easily as well instead of asking for the record from your vet.

In addition, using the vaccination record for pets also helps to keep track of the health concerns that your dog may have. It is a helpful resource in case you need someone else to take care of the pet, as it offers a quick summary to your dog’s medical history.

Pet Medical Chart Template    

This free dog vaccination record printable and downloadable template is an ideal document to monitor your dog’s illnesses or vet visits. This allows you to record the appointments’ dates and times, following the details about received treatments, diagnosis, symptoms, and even the visit costs. Moreover, it also gives a space to note down regular and emergency vet visit information.

Pet Medical Chart Template

Pet Medical Chart Template


You may think that all of the information above are already stored in your vet’s data. So why should you create and use it? There are several reasons why it can be extremely important.

For an instance, you may need personal medical records for the pet when they join you to visit hotel that requires vaccination records. In similar vein, some events may also ask you to provide pets record if you want to take them there.

People Also Ask

Can I Do My Dogs Vaccines Myself?

If you require a short answer, then yes you can give shot to your own dogs. However, some types of vaccinations such as rabies are required to be administered by veterinarian or at least under their supervision.

What Vaccinations Are Required for Dogs?

Some required core vaccines for dogs are canine hepatitis, rabies, distemper, and parvovirus. Depends on your dog’s health risk, they may have to receive non-core vaccines as well such as Leptospira bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, and Bordetella bronchiseptica.

What Do Vaccination Records Look Like for Dogs?

The dog vaccination record printable document contains information and details of the immunization. Typically, the information comprises of the name of vaccine shots, the given date, the follow-up date, and the name of the vet.

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