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Are you interested in being a professional journalist? Being journalist is a tough job considering sometimes this job can danger your life and even your closest ones. The first step you can do is by picking from the chosen sample of journalist resume below.

Mass Communication Journalism Resume

With the number of media nowadays, the increasing number of journalist is also inevitable. Journalists hold responsible for editing, writing, and researching for factual news or stories about the recent issues then publishing them through media.

Example of Journalist Resume

Learn from the journalist resume sample below to assist you in understanding the importance of making a remarkable resume:

Allison Hart


Profile Summary

I am a 34-year-old journalist with more than a decade of journalist impression both in news making and investigative writing. I particularly love reporting and writing across many kinds of media platforms, such as radio, magazines, journals, newspapers, television, and social media (like Facebook, Blogspot, WordPress, Instagram, Path, etc.)

Citation and Awards

Ethics in Journalist Awards – September 2017

The Most Factual News Awards – June 2017

New Comers Journalist Awards – January 2008

Journalism Skills

  • Community Journalism
  • Hemingway
  • Time Management
  • Photo Journalism
  • News Writing
  • Ability to compose innovative ideas
  • TinEye
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Slick write
  • Audience-Focused
  • Fact and Research Checking
  • Proofreading
  • Echosec
  • Communication skills
  • Video Journalism
  • Adobe Photoshop

Contact Details

Home Phone     : 174 6464 4241

Mobile Phone    : 174 3422 1312

Address            : 568 Highway Avenue, San Diego, CA 38474

Email                : allison.hart@live.com

Website            : www.allisonhart.com

Working Experience

Senior Journalist (April 2003 – Present)

Cassie Media Group, San Diego, CA

  • Contributing analysis and research on most of the great breaking event news
  • Writing content for any kind of internal and external clients such as social media clients, online blogs, and press releases
  • Maintaining and developing sources that will be conducting exclusive news and reports
  • Producing, developing, researching, and writing underground investigating news events

Journalist (June 2000 – January 2003)

Lion Media, San Diego, CA

  • Creating an interesting and impressive of engaging news videos that will increase the number of video viewers and expanding the news audience
  • Maintaining and building a great network of journalists in all fields that cover all national areas of client operations and campaigns including trade, regional, national, and even international press
  • Writing, researching, and conceptualizing underground projects and real stories
  • Creating much multimedia content such as audio, blogs, and articles interviews

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts (June 1999)

Major: Communication

California Institute of Arts, San Diego, CA

Tips on Making Journalist Resume

Do the following tips to add more value to your journalist resume:

  1. Add your other skills besides journalism

Like what has been mentioned above, being a journalist is not easy thing. So, to cope with this big task, you will need extra skills besides journalism skills.

  1. Conduct impressive background through the interesting objective statement

The best way to summarize your exceptional background is by concluding it in your objective statement.

  1. Use proper format in listing educational qualifications

Writing educational background might not easy as it seems. You should write your educational history in a reversed mode. List your recent educational first.

  1. Include your journalism history

Having journalism working experience could add more value since it means you are already familiar with this job, and your seniors do not need to train you too much when they decide to recruit you.

  1. Complete with eye-catching cover letter

A cover letter should not be forgotten as this one-page writings could take you to the next step in the recruitment process.

People Also Ask

What skills do I need as a journalist?

The knowledge and skills you need as a professional journalist are:

  • Great communication skills both in verbal and written
  • English language (best if you are fluent)
  • High desire and ambition to succeed
  • Pay high attention to details
  • Media production knowledge
  • Great ability to accept building criticism
  • Great ability to do the task under high pressure
  • Optimism
  • Great computer skills
  • Strong editing and writing skills
  • Time management
  • Patience and calm
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Positive and friendly
  • Exceptional research skills

How do I write a journalist’s CV?

In making journalist CV, you need to include more detailed information, starting from your journalism educational qualifications, journalism skills, working experience, to your journalism portfolio. Yes, you can add portfolio to your journalist resume. Just put the news or articles that you have been written and complete with the related documents or images.

What things that a journalist should carry?

Being a journalist means you have to be able to go wherever and whenever you are needed to go. You should do some researches or interviews, so you need to bring the following essential things:

  • A flash drive or hard disk
  • A wide bag
  • Notepads
  • Headphones
  • Voice recorders
  • Folders
  • Ballpoints

Specialized Types of Journalist Resume

Now, you can pick one from these selected journalist resume samples to complete your required documents.

Journalist Resume for Broadcasting

Use the broadcasting journalist resume template to cover all your required material in making a resume. This simple layout won’t make you confused even if you are a fresh graduate.

Resume For Sports Journalism Graduate

Journalist Resume for Mass Communication

The best way to summarize your value as a professional mass communication journalist is by making the best resume. You can follow this journalist resume template to guide in creating your own document.

Broadcast Journalist Resume

Journalist Resume for Fresher

Do not be scared to start your career path as a journalist if you don’t have any experience before. Pick the fresher journalist resume template, and it will make it easier for you to write the resume.

Sample Journalist Resume

Journalist Resume for Sport Graduate

Choose the sport graduate journalist resume template if you are a sports student who wants to a professional sports journalist. Besides adding educational qualifications, do not forget to include your sport internship experiences and coaching experience (if any).

Basic Journalist Resume        

Although you are highly required to make a focused resume based on your specialization, you can always make a basic and general resume by picking this journalist resume template, especially if you don’t know yet what the field of specialization that you want to take.

Fresher Journalist Resume

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