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Get the Inspirations from These Drafter Resume Samples

Besides having exceptional skills in drafting, you still need to get the best drafting education because the main drafting knowledge can be earned by attending the drafting schools. After that, you can compose the drafter resume to pursue your career.

Brief Drafter Resume

As we know, drafters are highly needed in any kind of company, starting from computing company to a designing industry. They are responsible for creating and conceiving the 3D models of software, product plans or designs in the company.

The Example of Drafter Resume

Just learn from the drafter resume example below:

Lucy Seal

Contact Details

Email    : lucy.seal@live.com

Phone   : 252 6363 3443

Address: 5857 Ann Road, San Diego, CA 36633


  • Markups familiarity
  • Problem-solving
  • Revit & AutoCAD expertise
  • 3D and 2D renderings
  • Communication
  • Schematics understanding
  • Project management
  • Construction knowledge

Educational Qualifications

San Diego College, CA (June 2006)

  1. A in Computer Drafting and Design Major

Professional Summary

  • Excellent AutoCAD drafter who is highly talented at making precise renderings in demanding and high-pressured working environments.
  • Motivated to process effective and efficient relationships without forgetting the discipline’s etiquette to finish the project completion and managing the good communication with the clients.
  • Expert at generating high-quality component details, schematics, plans, and blueprints details.

Professional History

INCA – Senior AutoCAD Drafter

San Diego, CA (February 2015 – Present)

  • Working along with 17 team members of drafting department to finish continuously tasks and successfully completing all company’s target
  • Creating blueprints and designs using AutoCAD software regarding the client’s supply inventories, timelines, and specifications
  • Rendering the schematic plans for more than 100 designs to make 3D and 2D models

Alpro Corporation – AutoCAD Drafter

San Diego, CA (September 2013 – January 2015)

  • Modifying and creating design layouts according to the client’s requirements and space exertion practices
  • Evaluating the information that is provided by the system subcontractors and architects, then creating precise drawings regarding the specifications and measurements
  • Establishing regulations and codes for project fulfillment purposes

Eztec Inc. – Drafter

San Francisco, CA (April 2008 – August 2013)

  • Modifying designs to improve production efficiencies and decrease operating problems
  • Collaborating with engineering officers to define sturdy and safe construction methods
  • Calculating allowances and dimensions with precise accurate for project plans

Tips in Composing Drafter Resume

To compose the good drafter resume, make sure you avoid the following things:

  1. Long resume

Write a good resume as simple as you can, and do not make an over-long resume.

  1. Confusing explanation

According to the previous point, you need to avoid making confusing descriptions and explanations. Enhance your skills and explain all information in the simplest description.

  1. Passive words and keywords

Some words are better not to be used in making a resume, such as passive keywords and the words like “helped”, “tasked”, or “assisted”. These words imply the achievements you have earned are not because of your own efforts and works.

  1. Negative phrases

Do not use phrases which can give negative meanings. Only use positive phrases instead.

People Also Ask

What are the best skills that I need to be a drafter?

You need to possess the following important qualities as a drafter and input them in your drafter resume:

  1. Mathematic knowledge
  2. Time management skills
  3. Highly creative
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Technical skills
  6. Detail-focuses

Is being a drafter a great career?

There is no job position or career that should be divided into a “successful career” or an “unsuccessful career”. You can do whatever the job that you want, and you can make your own success in whatever career path you are currently walking on. You just need to have a great passion since being a successful professional means you are highly needed to possess exceptional and amazing efforts.

Moreover, you totally can’t expect that you are going to be a successful person in one night: it takes effort. Just make sure you are strong and ambitious enough to stand in your own way.

How do you start a career as a drafter?

There are many steps for you who want to pursue your dream career in drafting, such as:

  1. Attend professional drafting association
  2. Learn more about technology and blueprints drawings
  3. Finish practice drafting projects
  4. Get one or more drafting certifications
  5. Enhance your drawing skills
  6. Finish a drafter degree school

Different Kind of Drafter Resume Samples

The final task you can do in making a great resume is by picking one from these ensuing drafter resume samples. Check them out.

The Drafter Resume for AutoCAD

Do you want to be an AutoCAD drafter? You can learn from the chosen sample above, but if it is not enough, you can take this AutoCAD drafter resume template. Complete this template with the best headshot picture of yourself, and put it on the left top side of your resume.

Cad Draftsman Resume

The Resume for Interior Design Drafter

In making interior design drafter resume, you should write the best summary of qualifications. Before making a brief explanation about yourself as professional interior design drafter, complete the resume first with your contact details and headshot picture.

Computer Drafter Resume Template

The Resume for Mechanical Drafter

A mechanical drafter is highly needed in the construction company because a drafter should make models and project plans of the devices and parts in the mechanical construction company. This drafter resume template will assist you in making the best resume.

Electrical Drafter Resume

The Resume for Architectural Drafter

Who said the architectural company doesn’t need a drafter? This company requires the most drafters than the others. The architectural drafter will make blueprints and drawings of the building or any kind of architectural structure that’s required. You will be helped by the architectural drafter resume template if you are confused about making a resume.

Draftsman Mechanical Resume

The Resume for Computer Drafter

The computer drafter resume template is the simplest resume you can see. By adopting this template, you need to list your school and employment history after putting your contact details.

Interior Design Draftsman Resume Architectural Draftsman Resume Autocad Drafter Resume Template Basic Drafter Resume Format

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