Guide To Write Hotel Apology Letter To Guest With Example

When a guest leaving with a good impression for the hotel, it means that they are satisfied with the service from the hotel. But when the hotel accidentally makes some problem with the guest, it would be appropriate to send them a letter in order to smooth the things over to the guest and prevent them from leaving the hotel unhappy. Check the hotel apology letter to guest we have provided below.

What Is The Importance Of Hotel Apology Letter To Guest?

The hotel’s value really depends on the guest’s impression. This letter is being the prevention of a problem caused by the hotel. This is important to keep the guest’s esteem and keep the good name of the hotel. Hotel apology letters can be a good means for the guests to apologize to the hotel for the mistakes that happened. By this letter, usually the hotel includes a bonus service toward the guests such as free dinner or breakfast, beverages, and other things.

What Should Be Disclosed In The Letter?

  • Apologize and show sincere regret to the guest.
  • Be specific about the mistaken happened to them.
  • Relate the guest’s feeling by show acknowledgment toward the issue.
  • Show prevention steps toward the guest to make sure the inconvenience will not happen again.
  • Give the guest extra service or bonus (if it’s needed).

How To Write A Hotel Apology Letter To Guest?

The hotel apology format should be in a formal form. Therefore, the language used must be in the proper way and the apology is the main focus of this letter. The hotel should regret the problem that happened which may disgrace the hotel guest. The hotel may also include some bonus or offer as a means of atoning for the problem that occurs to smooth over the apology.

An Example Of Withdraw Application Letter

Here is an example to help you in writing this type of letter.

Dear Ms. Marshall,

I would like to offer my apologies for the problems that occur during your stay at the FDB Hotel the last weekend. I truly regret the problem with our booking system that caused your reservation error, and this mistake canceled your stay at the hotel. I am sorry for that. However, I promise this inconvenience will not happen again in the future.

I hope that you were able to enjoy the rest of your vacation at our FDB Hotel. I am glad that we were able to find you a proper hotel and service, and I hope you enjoyed the bonus we sent up to your room. I also want to offer you a discount for the next visit to our hotel and service, and I hope you are willing to accept this.

We truly care about our guests at our hotel and service, and we hate it when there is a problem that occurs with one of our guests. I was embarrassed to have such a problem you encountered at the prior time and I will do anything in my power to fix that kind of problem and wish it will not happen again. If you had any inconvenience regarding our staffs, please let me know. I hope that you will visit us again next time.


Plumber Nate


Hope this article can help you to understand how to write an apology letter. Good luck!


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