Withdraw Application Letter You Can Implement With Example

Most people often address application letters to more than one company in order to make it efficient as long as the applicant can get a higher opportunity to get a job. When an applicant thinks that he/she has a higher opportunity to get into some companies but for a specific reason, the applicant can send the representative of the company a letter to inform that the applicant is not available in the job market.

Why Should Address This Letter?

In order to respect the employer that considers you for being part of the company, this letter will suitable for the applicant to keep a good impression of the company. This is also to prove your professionalism in refusing a big deal in the most gracious way and more respectable rather than goes silent. If it is possible, the company may still consider you in the future when you need another job or getting a connection from one company to another.

How To Withdraw From Candidacy?

The things you should aware of when withdrawing your application are:

Do It Yourself

You cannot rely on someone when withdrawing your own application. You should consider your own decision and be responsible in deciding.

Send It Immediately

It would be better when you notify your employer immediately to prevent any other possibilities when you are not available for the position that kept by the employer.

Provide A Reason

Of course, you need to provide your reason to be grounds for the withdrawal. This is important to your employer and makes his/her understand your desire.

How To Write A Withdraw Application Letter?

Start your letter with greetings and expressions toward the employer for the time and opportunity given. Use a positive tone in the letter, do not disappoint the employer by a reason of “another better job opportunity”, and pay close attention to the language, grammar, and spelling you used in the letter. The format of this letter is generally short and concise, and addressed to the one who interviewed you.

An Example Of Withdraw Application Letter

Here provided an example in order to help you to make a new one.

Dear Mr. Hiie,

I would like to thank you for the decision for considering me for a position in Hill and Hiie Company and for the opportunity you had interviewed me last week. I truly enjoyed the term goals of the company and the leadership manner applied to the employees. However, I regret to tell you that I would like to withdraw my application for the position you had chosen for me.

Earlier this week, I was offered a position by an organization that truly suits the current situations and my goals. I decided to accept this offer with much consideration.

Thank you for the time you had during my interview, and I truly regret I could not join the company. You have an amazing team and principal. I enjoyed the time with you and the team during the interview. Hopefully, this is not a farewell and I truly wish that our path will cross again in the future. I wish you and the whole team in the company the best in the future.  


Mr. Dony Lander


In conclusion, this article may help you to understand this type of letter. Don’t hesitate to edit the example base on your need.



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