Parent Permission Letter And The Sample

What Is A Parent Permission Letter?

A parent permission letter is needed when a school or organization needs legal authorization to do/join certain activities. It is also called the parental consent slip which this document tells the parents that their kids are under the organization/school during activities.

A parental consent slip is required to give the school or organization full authority based on the liability terms. If you don’t write this letter to your parents, this can be troublesome and might lead you to court. It is beneficial too, to help you know certain conditions of a kid.

How To Write A Permission Letter?

Keep in mind that the format of this parent permission level can vary based on the school or organization and the requests. However, some basic rules when writing this letter is the full description of the activities, the environment, the types of activities, and the terms of liabilities. It is needed too, to write the contact information of yours and your parents be provided.

What Are The Elements To Include In The Parental Consent Slip?

When writing a parental consent slip, make sure you include the following elements:

  • The dates of the activities (start and end dates)
  • The time of the event
  • The people that are involved in these activities.
  • The name of the activities.
  • Documentation (optional)
  • Signature space for parents or guardians.
  • Contact information

Parent Permission Letter Example

This is a sample of parent permission letter that you can take as an inspiration. All names, places, and names of the organizations are for an example purpose.

Dear Parent,

Our purpose in writing this letter to you is to ask your permission to have your kid participated in the scout camping events that will be held on next Thursday, December 3, 2020 – December 6 2020 in the Palm Kids’ schoolyard.

Our youths will be practicing basic survival skills such as setting the fire, building camps, reading maps, and exploring the surrounding using a compass. These activities are hoped to improve their communication and intuitive skills as well as tighten the bonding between their groups. We hope our camp day will help them build an excellent team that will be useful for their future.

The event will be started at 8 AM, so please drive the kids with the required tools and stuff so the activities will run smoothly. The tools that are compulsory to bring are in the attachment of this letter. Also, we provide a form for students who have special diseases and allergics so we could be more aware of how to take care of them during the events.

Please understand that all of the committees in the Palm Kid’s school will be included from teachers and the headmaster. we take our responsibilities during the event and activities with the term of liabilities we have attached along with this letter too.

Thank you for giving opportunities and let your kids get involved in this community.





Areta Muluq

Palm Kid’s Head Master


We hope our parent permission letter example helps you. Make sure to describe the activities in detail and put the complete information about the events.

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