Prepare Your Scholarship Application Letter Now (Plus Example)

Scholarships are not allowed to simply anybody. With school educational expenses adding up to quite an enormous sum these days, getting a scholarship award will be extraordinary assistance to help you monetarily as you concentrate in an esteemed college or school. This is why a scholarship application letter plays a big role for you, especially your study at university. Check the description below to get a better insight into this letter.

How To Make Your Scholarship Application Letter?

A letter of goal for a scholarship is additionally alluded to as an individual assertion or future goal statement. Things you need to consider are:

What Advantage Will You Get From Scholarship?

Assistance is a need for some understudies, especially those arranging professions that require numerous long stretches of training past the undergrad level. Those viewpoints cover about:

  • Monetary aspect
  • Educational aspect
  • Future career
  • Personal needs

Tips to Develop A Perfect Scholarship Application Letter!

  • Clarify how the scholarship would add to your future goals.
  • While clarifying deterrents in your day to day existence, center on how you conquered them.
  • Avoid speculations or rumors that can ruin your image.
  • Always use positive language.

The Example Of Scholarship Application Letter

Dear Mr. Arnold:

I am writing this letter to request consideration for my application to get the college scholarship offered by KLM University. I am in my junior year at Kentucky University located in Kentucky. I plan to graduate next autumn with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I found the KLM Scholarship Award for Business and Marketing through the university’s Instagram post. Then, I checked the requirements of the scholarship thoroughly and I believe that I can be one of the candidates for this award.

My degree plan focuses on the use of effective methods of managing with the business various marketing and strategies. I take additional courses in business communication as well. For the last 3 years, I volunteered 10 hours a week to teach children for a nonprofit purpose. Also, I help to write and distribute the organization’s newsletter.

I am enclosing my application for the KLM Scholarship along with my personal statement for consideration. I also have provided a sealed copy of my transcript, my resume and letters of recommendation from my university. I would love it if I have the opportunity to meet with you and your selection committee at your convenience. You may reach me by phone at 006-501-8347 or by email at I wish I can have a chance to speaking with you soon.



Lisa Mitsuna


To sum up, this scholarship application letter can assist you in your educational issues. Use it well and good luck!




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