Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons And The Sample

Whatever the issue you have in your workplace; stress, unpleasant situation, sensitive health problems, or issues with the colleagues, there are times you want to quit from your job professionally. You don’t have to broadcast your reasons to your company or others by writing the resignation letter due to personal reasons.

Reasons For Leaving Job You Can Tell

In many cases, people often get lost on how to tell the reasons for resignation because the problem is too personal. You can say something more professional such as your mission and values are not aligned with the company’s, you are undervalued in your current position, you need a career change, and many more.

Is It Ok To Resign For A Personal Reason?

Everyone can leave the job for personal reasons, but the problem is how to make it sound more professional without leaving a bad impression. No matter what, you want to leave an impressive leave to your company or colleagues. For example, if it is a merrier or organizational restructuring, you can tell the company that the changes are difficult to navigate. You can also tell them that you are seeking a better opportunity.

How To Explain Why You Leave The Toxic Workplace?

In many cases, people hate toxic cultures. If this is your case, you need to tell the company certain reasons. First thing first, describe the workplace you prefer to work in and be honest and respectful. It is like what we explained earlier, the organization tasks or restructuring make it difficult for you to navigate.

What To Write In A Resignation Letter Due To Personal Reason?

In a resignation letter due to personal reasons, there are no sugarcoating words. All you need to write is the acceptable reasons and make it professionals. You can learn the example of a resignation letter due to personal reasons bellow:

Dear Ms. Regina,

Please accept my resignation letter as a formal notification. I am resigning from my current position as the Analytic Manager with Aero Company due to personal reasons. My last day will be December 15, 2020, two weeks from the day of this notice. Therefore, I regret any inconvenience to the company and other staff due to my resignation.

In these my two-final weeks, I will be working hard and doing things as much as I can to smoothen the transition. I will finish my projects or transfer them to other teams that are eligible in continuing my projects. I am willing to help in many ways I can.

If another discussion is needed, you can reach me by email at or through phone at 95550 555-4455.

I am very grateful for various opportunities, lessons, and valuable experiences from this company. I will always remember the good times working with the Aero Company. I wish you and the Aero Company all the best and I do hope we our path will cross again in the future. Thank you for your understanding.




Elena Haliq

Analytic Manager

Aero Company

We do hope the example of resignation letter due to personal reasons above give you more ideas how to write it properly and professionally.

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