Family Emergency Leave Letter And Its Example

A family emergency leave letter normally is written to a chief or a more significant position to let him/her know about our important matter (in this case is family) because of which you have withdrawn from work. This is an official letter and it must be written in the right configuration, using a proper tone.

To realize how to compose the ideal letter, the layouts that are accessible in this article can be of extraordinary assistance to you. If you are interested in this topic, we have provided some information you need to create a proper emergency leave letter. Check the description below!

When Do You Apply Your Emergency Leave Letter?

You can write your emergency leave once you get the news like a crisis. You can go immediately to your chief and explain the situation in the letter. You can send an emergency letter after you have fixed the issue to have a reported reason for your time away. This is normally for participation and works pay.

How To Develop A Proper Emergency Leave Letter?

We recommend you to make the headline as clear as possible. A family emergency leave letter ought to contain:

  • The sort of emergency
  • The date of return
  • The contact of the worker
  • Details that may explain the circumstance


The tone of the letter should be formal and also convincing. Try to avoid an explanation about a horrible accident or sickness. Notwithstanding, it is critical to give insights regarding the purpose of the emergency leave demand.

The Return Date

Now and again, it may not be conceivable to give a return date, however the worker should attempt to choose a return date regardless of whether it is longer than required. They may just need two days to deal with the emergency, or they may require fourteen days.

The Example of Family Emergency Leave Letter

Dear Mrs. Lia,

I would like to inform you through this letter that I need to take an emergency leave of absence starting today. This unexpected leave is because I just got a call that my sister collapsed and now I am heading to the hospital to be with her and take care of the family. I am not aware if she is critically ill or not, but I will notify you as soon as possible. I plan to return to work a week from now, December 15th, 2020. I have noticed my teammates about my current situation and I can guarantee that there will be no undergo work.

I can be contacted during my leave via telephone at +6284567907888 or email at Please leave me a message if there are any questions or concerns I need to know and I will reply to it as soon as possible. I thank you for your consideration as this emergency leave will enable me to both cares for my family members.

Yours sincerely,

Henry Park

To sum up, a family emergency leave letter above can help you to overcome the situation that may occur in the future. Use it well and good luck!


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