Prepare Your Resignation Letter From Fulltime To PRN (And The Example)

When you feel that your job is on another level which means it affects your health or may give bad impact on your work, you should probably need a resignation in order to make everything recorded. The process mostly can be done in oral or written, but to make it more formal, usually professional workers choose to write a resignation letter from fulltime to PRN.

Can You Immediately Resign?

This is not the best choice, so we do not suggest you to do this. But if you have any urgency that you cannot handle, then it is okay to resign from your job. Once you decide to leave immediately, you can use the resignation letter to notify your HRD. This will help to make your record looks proper, rather than making any misunderstanding. If you do this, you can keep a good connection with your workplace.

Be Fired Or Resign?

Whenever you want to be professional, then resign will be the best way. If you choose this, it means you want keep your record clean. This can bring another good opportunity in the future. Different with the previous one, being fired means you do something unnecessary for the company. This can lead you in a difficult situation in the future. So, be careful and work professionally.

How Do You Write A Proper Resignation Letter From Full Time To PRN?


You have to pay attention to the length of the letter. A good resignation letter should have no more than three paragraphs. Open your first paragraph with your confirmation of your switch date, then give your reason and contact information in the next paragraph, and don’t forget to close your letter with a nice expression of gratitude toward the employer.


Any other features such as greetings, date, sign or any other detail should have to be included. Use the formal language to make this letter looks convincing enough to make the employer understand.

Example Of Good Resignation To PRN Status

Here is an idea you can use to create a good resignation letter:

Dear Ms. Kate

I write this letter to confirm the schedule change regarding to my position at CC Family Health Clinic. I will be move from fulltime to PRN status, which will suit me better to taking care my parents. My last day on the fulltime schedule will be June 14, 2014. I appreciate your understanding according to this.

I regret any condition that may affect from this change. I will work as hard as always during my last week on the fulltime into PRN work. If any information is needed in this matter, please to contact me at (123)-123-1234 or and I will return all messages as soon as possible.

Working at CC Family Health Clinic has been a great experience for me and I am very thankful that I will be able to retain my job there in a PRN capacity. When I am able to take care of my parents well, I will also be better able to serve the clinic’s patients well. Thank you for your understanding.


Jade Mane

Registered Nurse


In conclusion, this article is expected may useful for you to make a proper resignation letter. Feel free to edit this letter.



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