10+ High School Graduate Resume Templates

High School Graduate Resume Templates and Examples

For those who are looking for the method to write the right high school graduate resume, surely you will be grateful if there is any template to help you out. The templates are downloadable for free, and you can use it whenever you want.

Professional High School Resume

In addition, there are explanations about the resume as well. Therefore, there will be no more confusion when you are asked to write your own resume, even though you just graduate from high school. These are the full information about high school graduate resume.

High School Graduate Resume Example

Benjamin Rickard



Portland St 7, Fink, YH, TG


Benjamin Rickard graduated high school in 2020. He is skillful in Language and Literature, especially in theater department and drama. He has participated in several stage musicals as well as performances. He wishes to continue this path of career and becomes more involved in drama and literature.


Ash Creek Elementary School, grad 2014

Ash Creek Middle School, grad. 2017

Portland Public High School, 2020, 3.5 GPA


Assistant Director, Shakespearian Play “Hamlet”, Rose Theater Portland, 2020

Script Writer, Christmas Play for Children, Oakland Church, 2020


English, Expert

Spanish, Intermediate

Mandarin, Intermediate


2018, Winner of Script Writing for Student, Portland Government, First Place

2019, Winner of Literature and Writing Contest, Highlander Mall, Third Place

2020, Nominee of Youngster Award in Literature, Portland Government.

How to Write High School Resume?

To write a good high school graduate resume, you need to figure out some of important things to include there. You also need to know how to write correctly. This is the brief information about it:

  • Choose the right resume format
  • Do NOT forget to include contact information
  • Create resume headline
  • Add professional works/ volunteers
  • Detail your high school education & extracurricular
  • List your language skills
  • Include certifications and other experiences

People Also Ask

What should be on a high school resume?

As stated above, there are a few main things in the high school graduate resume that you need to include and never leave behind. They are basically your contact information, education and working experience or volunteer experience, and your list of skills. As long as those aspects are in the resume, it would be enough.

Most students are thinking very modern these days, and they add designs and pictures on their resume. Make sure if you do this, you are analyzing the recipient of the resume beforehand. If this is for a very formal company, it is better to use formal format as well for the resume.

How do I write a resume with no work experience in high school?

It is very common for high school student or high school graduate not to have any job experiences yet. However, this should not be any problems. All you need to do to add in the high school graduate resume is the list of experience as informal workers (part-time, summer job, etc.) or your experience as volunteers in programs and events.

Can a teenager write a resume?

Yes, of course they can. Even though teenagers below 18 are not considered adults yet, they can still write their own high school graduate resume on their behalf, especially when they need the resume to apply for a job or something. Just write the document truthfully and there will be no problem about it.

Free Template for High School Resume

Writing high school graduate resume will not be easy at all without example and template. The document should be written according to the right template as shown.

High School Free Template Resume

In fact, high school graduate needs template because they have to provide one when applying for job or something else. By using the right template, making the resume will not be so hard anymore.

Sample Graduate School Resume

Example of Resume for Graduate

This is an example of high school graduate resume. It surely is needed by those who have to make sure that providing the best information about themselves is necessary.

High School Student Resume Worksheet 1

High School Resume with Cover Letter

Sometimes, the resume is completed by cover letter. It makes the resume look way more formal and professional.

Sample High School Resumes and Cover Letter

Work Street Resume for High School Student

If you need the high school graduate resume completed by the work street information, you should find no obstacles in finding the example.

New High School Graduate Resume

Basic High School Resume Example

As easy as it sounds, writing resume will not be that effortless without example. This is the way you can write the basic resume for high school graduate.

Sample High School Resume Template

Format and Example for High School Resume

There is a certain format indeed when you want to write a resume. The information about it and how it looks like can be found on the examples.

Graduate School Template Resume

This is a resume template needed by everyone having high school diploma and want to apply for a job or joining a program. It has everything you need, format-wise.

Sample Resume for High School Graduate Student Format

New Resume Example for High School

Instead of using the standard, old-fashioned resume template, using this new one can bring a fresh look to your document.

High School and Graduate Student Resume

There is no need to write your own resume if you think it is going to be time-consuming. There are a lot of templates to use, and these are all for free.

Basic High School Student Graduate Resume

Sample Template for High School Resume

Writing resume can be very tricky when you have never done that before. For a first time resume writer, you may need to use the help of templates. They are truly helpful and can bring so much easiness on the process.

High School Graduate Resume Template

The templates are certainly needed when you write a formal document. It lets you know exactly the format and what should be written there.

High School Graduate Student Resume Sample

High School Resume with Professional Look

It is believed that even though the resume belongs to high school graduate, it should look professional after all. To make the resume look professional, this is the high school graduate resume example.

High School Graduate Resume Example




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