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Computer Science Resume Explanation, Examples, and Free Templates

Writing computer science resume is not going to be so easy without the help of a template. This is why there will be plenty of them provided for free. They will help those who need to write resume in the exact field and not to force them start from a blank page.

Besides the templates, surely there will be information and questions related to the topic. They are all shown below to give insight and answers for you who need to find out more about the resume for computer science. Without further ado, these are the computer science resume templates and examples.

Computer Science Internship Resume

Computer Science Resume Example


William James



Berkshire St, Hutton 76, TH, TG

Career Objective

William James has career objective as a professional computer scientist with the goal of becoming a programmer and software developers. He has studied the subject since university and gained work experience in the same field.


University of Berkshire, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Graduated 2014, GPA 3.7

University of Berkshire, Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Graduated 2016, GPA 3.6

Technical Skill

  • Windows and Linux Operating System, Advanced
  • Oracle, ADB2 Database System, Advanced
  • CompTIA A+, Intermediate
  • SQL, HTML, JAVA, CSS, Advanced

Related Course

  1. Programming Language Training
  2. File Structure Training
  3. Database System Training
  4. Programming Translation and Data Structure Training
  5. Software Engineering Foundation Training

Work Experience

Berkshire Computing Centre, Researcher and Software Developer, 2016-2019

National Computing Community, Manager of Computer Science Department, Since 2019 (ongoing)

Language Skill

  • English (Writing-Speaking-Listening-Advanced)
  • Spanish (Writing-Speaking-Listening-Advanced)
  • Japanese (Speaking-Listening-Intermediate)


How Do You Write Computer Science Resume?

In order to write a good computer science resume, you have to do several tricks. These are some tricks when you write the documents:

  • Keep the information simple and readable
  • Add brief explanation about career objective (since computer science has different interests)
  • Always add in your training experiences
  • Always emphasize your skill in computer science
  • Only include relevant work experience to the resume
  • Foreign language skill is important for computing, add them on the resume
  • Add in contact information with email, phone, and address

People Also Ask

How do you write technical skills on a resume?

Without a doubt, computer science resume is always technical. People working in this industry need to enlist their skill of course. When you write your resume, make sure that the technical skill is written using bullets or numbers and completed by the level of expertise in each section.

This way, the skill list will be easier to read and to understand. People can also comprehend with the list more effortlessly. As the result, you will not confuse the recipient or the reader of the particular resume when applying job or participating on a project.

How do you put CS project on resume?

There are projects of course in the life of every computer scientist. The project is to develop software or new programs most of the time. To add in the project on the resume, you can either include them in the “experience” section or you can make a new section titled “previous project”.

Even when you have so many projects, it is always wise to include only the recent project, probably the one from the last 1-2 years. The rest of them can be kept aside because they won’t be relevant anyway. Only the recent projects are mostly considered in the computer science resume.

How many projects should be on a resume?

Three to five projects will be enough and make sure that they are generally new. When the project is like from 5 years earlier, it will become irrelevant. Computer science is like changing rapidly from time to time and 5 years are considered a particularly long time ago and hence unsuitable for computer science resume.

Free Resume Example for Computer Science

All templates should be free, and this is one of them. It has everything that you need to include on a proper resume anyway.

Resume for Computer Science Professor

From a professor, of course flawless resume is expected. This is the example and template to make a professional-looking template for professors.

Computer Science Student Resume

Resume Template for Computer Science

This is the basic computer science resume for everyone. It should be able to help you to write on the skill, and then list the experience on the document.

Computer Science Graduate Resume

Many people graduate from their study in computer science. Then, they are expected to write some resumes that reflect their integrity. The example should help you out.

Diploma Computer Science Resume

Resume for Computer Science Internship Example

Many students are doing internship, so they know exactly what to expect when study the computer science. Find the right template for internship and make a good one.

Entry Level Resume for Computer Science

Entry-level is like the very beginning level. It is aimed for those who have never experienced working phase in the industry, and thus the computer science resume will help them a lot.

Entry Level Computer Science Resume

Example of Resume for Computer Science Teacher

This is the resume aimed for teacher in the field. The template is downloadable for free to all teachers.

IT Resume Format

If you are an IT expert and need a hand on the resume, this template is a good choice. It is also free to download.

B.sc Computer Science Resume

Bachelor of Science Resume Template

Many people have the title of B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science. To reflect the level of that degree, write a good resume like this one.

Computer Science Student Resume

Even when they are not graduating yet, students of computer science can make the resume as well. Use the help of the right computer science resume and your resume will be done in no time at all.

Basic Computer Science Resume

Basic Template for Computer Science

Instead of starting from a blank page, start the resume writing with this basic template. It is quicker for sure, and you can write a good one with this template.

Resume for IT Professionals

Are you an IT professional? If you are, certainly you should use this template. It is made specifically for those who have been working for years in the industry.

Computer Science Template for Diploma

This is the resume template for diploma graduate. If you have this degree, usually you have enough experience to fill the computer science resume.


Computer Science Graduate Resume 

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