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How to Impress Customers with the Business Book Cover

The first impression you can get from a book is by looking at its cover. Whether it is business-related books or tutorial books, the cover should be interesting enough to be looked at. That way, people will be piqued to buy them. What are the factors that you should take into account when designing a business book cover? Let’s check the explanation below.


How to Create the Great Business Book Cover

  • Decide the title

The title is the first factor that determines whether people will want to know more about your book or not. A good title should be big enough to be read, and it must fit nicely on the cover page. Creating the eye-catching and easy to read the title is important, especially when you are aiming to get buyers.

  • Use a teaser

Creating a short subtitle on the business book cover might intrigue people of what’s inside the book. When you are not sure of what line to pick, you can replace it with a short quote. For non-fiction books, you can include the keywords on the cover. It will be easier for readers to find your book if there are more words that they can look up.

  • Pick the right fonts and color

The major guideline to this is to never use more than two types of fonts. It will make the reader confused, and it surely looks cluttered. Pick a unique font, but it should still be readable and pleasing to the eyes. Using bright and powerful colors on the book cover can attract readers. Moreover, color picking is essential if you want to design a great cover.

  • Go Simple

If everything else fails, just go simple. If you use too many details on the cover, it might turn worse than what you expected. You can hire designers to do the job, or just use templates to help to find your way. In case you are tight on cash, you can always turn to the latter option.


What is on a Business Book Cover?

You don’t want to fill most sections of the cover with words, right? It is better if you only put the title, your name as the author, and a hint of the content of the book. The hint can be an important quote, or what the readers will gain when they read the book.


Business Book Cover PSD Templates

To design a business book cover, you should understand the basic principle of design. However, not all people have the same knowledge about how to design a good book cover. When you are a newbie in making a book cover, you can browse free PSD templates to help you with what should be written on the cover.


PSD Business Book Cover Samples

There are tons of samples for a business book cover. Most of them consist of the title, subtitle, and the author’s name. A subtitle can be a short quote from the book or a subtitle of the contents from the book. 

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