Photobook Cover Free Template in PSD

Photobook Cover for the Benchmark of Photo Album

A photobook is a photo album that’s designed with the layout first. Afterward, it is printed and filled with some photos to become a book. However, the main design is the photobook cover. The cover is the most important part that will be seen first for prospective users. For the design, format, and template will be explained below.

Photobook Cover Importance

A photobook itself is widely used to store some memories through photographs. It is not only used by a person but also the institutions, organizations, or companies. The most commonly found and ordered are usually at a wedding event, as well as at the graduation ceremony of an educational institution.

A cover for photobook will serve as a benchmark for the photo album. The owners of photo printing must have prepared many sample covers to choose from. The cover is important because of the design shown. The design choices are also varied. A custom cover can be chosen as a representative of one of the images in your photobook.

Photobook Cover PSD Format

To make or design photobook cover now is not difficult. It will also not waste your time, energy, and mind to design. You only update or customize it with the initial design that’s available. It can be searched and downloaded online for free. An initial design that you can get is the Photoshop Document format. This is in the form of a layered image file that can be edited as needed.

Photobook Cover PSD Template Purposes

As the default application from Photoshop, PSD template gives satisfaction in determining the design of photobook cover. Some purposes of the PSD format are given below.

  • It helps to determine your work file when editing and personalizing.
  • It provides the quality layered image file for the cover.
  • It provides the easiness in customizing Photoshop programming.
  • It promotes your photo printing business to clients.

Photobook Cover PSD Template Usage Tips

PSD template can later be split into layers in the Photoshop programming. For more details, here are the tips on using the template.

  • Choose and download the PSD template that suits your taste for the cover.
  • Save the template file to be the initial design for your cover in Photoshop software.
  • Open Photoshop to edit and personalize the PSD template.
  • Insert the PSD file into Photoshop for the desired cover design process.
  • Split the template into layers for the editing process.
  • Insert an image or photo sample as a representative of the photos on the album. Add words, graphics, and other features.
  • Save the template back to the default file or PSD. The saved file will not reduce the image quality of the file.
  • Print the photobook that has been designed with a customized cover.

Of these ways for your photo book cover, the most important thing is the basic ability to run Photoshop. If you feel unsure about your design, it can be left directly to the expert. Designing the cover is easy because several samples and templates have been prepared. All you have to do is to customize it by adding the desired features.

Download :

File File size Downloads
Photobook Cover Template Design 6 MB 423
Photobook Cover Template Ideas 6 MB 404
PSD Template For Photobook Cover 14 MB 445
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