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Bakery E-book Cover to Draws the Attention of Readers

The food business is often held by society, for instance in the bakery sector. To distinguish your food business from others, you can use a marketing technique. One of them is creating a bakery e-book. In attracting the readers especially house housewife, you have to design an interesting bakery e-book cover. It aims to show the identity of your bakery’s character. What are the requirements which should be explained in the bakery e-book?

Bakery E-book Cover Design Consideration

In making an e-book cover, you have to pay attention to the design that must be simple. The e-book cover designed must apply the simple way. Since this cover is only used for informing the bakery’s production or promotion, it does not need the wordy sentences.

Guidance for Bakery E-book Cover Design

  1. Choosing cartoon food picture as the background

Since this e-book is about the bakery business, you can apply the cartoon food picture for the e-book cover. It aims to represent that the e-book belongs to the bakery field. Therefore, the readers will be able to reflect the cover with the contents.

  1. Using one color for the background

It is better if the bakery e-book cover utilizes one color. To highlight the picture and cover’s title, this point becomes an important thing. Meanwhile, the one-color background will not disturb the forward picture.

  1. Applying a big font for the cover

In making an e-book, the cover should have a tittle. In this case, you can draw the title “The Bakery” or “Cooking the Bakery” on your e-book cover. The word “bakery” has to be expressed to show that your e-book will present about your bakery business.

  1. Laying down cooking people image

Clients will value from the cover. In making a bakery e-book cover, the photo can promote the production of bakery. It will help to convince the readers because of the replica related to the e-book content.

  1. Showing the real picture of the product

Placing the bakery’s production in the e-book cover is a nice idea. The readers will evaluate the product by looking at the evidence first. In this case, the bakery’s photo will answer their curiosity. Then, you can apply the filter towards the bakery’s production.

Bakery E-book Cover PSD Template Samples

You have two kinds of bakery e-book template samples. Each sample is designed variously to ease you to choose. The template samples can be used to promote the bakery production, share the new menu of the bakery, explain how to make a cake or others based on the needs.

Bakery E-book Cover PSD Format

Also, e-book usually contains instruction and promotion. It is available in PSD templates. This kind of format is very helpful for you as a bakery businessman. There are several reasons to choose PSD templates. First, the format keeps all the editing process which you can adapt. Second, you can add or erase the selected unwanted editing result. Third, the saved editing has a high resolution, so it will have good quality. Meanwhile, the format is downloaded without any payments. This format helps you to reach the most wanted design of the bakery e-book cover. 

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