Children Story Book Cover Free PSD Template

Children Story Book Cover as an Initial Display of the Story

Storybooks have been favored by many groups, whether in the form of fiction, legends, fables, or folklore. Children are the biggest lovers of this type of book. They will be interested to have it, starting from seeing the children’s storybook cover. The cover slightly represents the contents of the story as well as other information about the book. For more details, the following points will be explained.

Children Story Book Cover Importance

When the children or anyone wants to buy a storybook with any title, the cover becomes their first concern. For the cover itself, it is divided into 2 parts.

  1. Front cover

This consists of the name of the author, publisher, title, and image that represents the contents of the book.

  1. Back cover

This section is important to convince potential readers to buy the book. This section consists of several informative elements. They often look at the back cover to read the synopsis of the story. Also, the book price is usually indicated here, so potential buyers know firsthand the price of the book.

Apart from those mentioned above, another important thing about children’s storybook cover is its design. The attractive, unique, and funny design will increasingly convince them to have it. They are usually interested in the design of images displayed. The picture is in the form of a character, place settings, and animation of the image.

Children Story Book Cover Main Format

To get a good display, it requires choosing the right format and having a good file quality. The PSD template is the right choice for the design of children’s storybook cover. This format will be the file of your choice. It stores all information from images, including the editing and other functions of photo editing application in Photoshop.

Children Story Book Cover PSD Template

After knowing the format that will be chosen for the cover of the book, the template can be searched and downloaded. The PSD template can be obtained online for free. It will later be your initial design for the cover of the book in Photoshop editing. When editing, the template will be split into layers. The template file only needs to be customized in Photoshop, according to the taste to the storybook cover.

Children Story Book Cover PSD Template Functions

The followings are the functions of the template with PSD format for the book cover.

  1. It provides a starting point for PSD applications, so the format does not have to be re-created every time it’s used.
  2. It is easy to use because it is already in the form of a template. You only need to modify the template to get the desired appearance.
  3. It can be used as the work files.
  4. It saves a process of work.

From these functions, children’s storybook cover will be designed in Photoshop programming. Editing and personalizing will later be saved again in PSD format. The image quality from the initial downloaded template will remain the same as the quality after saving again.

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