Toddler Book Cover PSD Flyer Template

The Festive Toddler Book Cover with Playful Designs

When you are a child, one of the playful yet important things you should have is the early learning by reading a book. Therefore, the market for promoting children’s books is massively open. The problem that’s usually found in children is their picky nature in loving something. They will like certain things and reject another thing. That’s why adjusting toddler book cover to children’s interest is impactful. It means you need to know what kind of world they usually prefer to.

The Characteristic of Toddler Book Cover

Modern children’s book needs to be playful and appropriate to their age. The illustration should be colorful and eye-catching, knowing that you will compete in a busy and promising market. To make it simple, you need to show the characteristic of the book in the cover design. This must be done as a way to convert parents into customers faster. After seeing the eye-catching book, most parents will buy it because they think it will grab their children’s attention to learn.

PSD Toddler Book Cover Design

There are many kinds of book cover dedicated to kids. Mostly, designers create the PSD book cover templates based on the trending in a kid’s world. It might be related to fairytales or other kid’s movies. Before deciding the idea to make a wonderful yet playful design, you need to analyze the trending topic. You have to learn about the kid’s world and what they like in general. The popular movies or doll can be the reference in choosing the theme.

Design Tips to Create Festive Toddler Book Cover

Designing the book cover is a sensitive matter because the target is not only the kids but also their parents. So, here are the tips to make it more festive and interesting.

  1. Apply the rule of thirds

Implementing the rule of thirds can help the design process. The rules itself means you apply an off-center composition to make the artwork more appealing and have more structures. You can divide it into three parts rather than in half. Then, place the important content to the guideline at the intersection point.

  1. The art elements match up

Combining the color, text and font selection, drawing pictures, or the typography is not as easy as it looks. However, in designing the cover, those are important elements because people will judge the book from its cover. It is the main part to attract customers. The process of match up should be done with full attention and consideration. You need to consider the aesthetic value and the trend at the same time.

Toddler Book Cover PSD Templates

The design process of book cover needs more reference to boost creativity. Moreover, when it comes to the toddler book cover, the kids as the main target will like something beyond the common picture. To boost their mood to learn and to attract their intention, you need to make them do not feel bored with what they see in the cover. There are many PSD cover free templates to be downloaded as your reference in designing the new artsy cover. 

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