Business Development Coordinator Job Description and Its FAQ


Inside the organization, a business development coordinator runs an essential job. Based on the business development coordinator job description, an individual in this position will identify, develop, and secure the new business opportunities by generating sales and leads. They can be employed in several positions, such as law, retails, NGOs, and others.

Business Development Coordinator Job Description Templates

The management of the organization will look for the motivated business development coordinator. Of course, since this agent has several jobs to handle, only a talented agent that could control it maximally. Moreover, the running of the business development coordinator will influence the whole condition of the organization.

For the candidate, to be the selected business development coordinator, they need to have excellent people skills. It will ease them in coordinating with staff or presenting some materials to other members. Then, the candidate also needs to have the ability to control emergencies.

To ease the recruiter in recruiting the new business development coordinator, they can use the job description template. Using a template will be very helpful since there is basic information about what the candidate needs to do. Of course, they do not need to make it from a blank paper.

Business Development Coordinator Responsibilities

Coordinating the members to find the best strategies, especially to increase the profit, becomes the main responsibility of the business development coordinator. However, after being selected as the new employee, the candidate will face some other responsibilities, such as:

  • Creating and implementing the strategies of sales
  • Identifying the new markets to enter
  • Conducting market research to identify the new opportunities of the business development
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective relationship with the customers using some media
  • Coordinating and arranging some meetings, client events, appointments, and different conferences
  • Assisting with some preparations for the presentations
  • Writing and distributing detailed agendas, cost estimates, proposals, and other internal documents
  • Creating and maintaining the client databases and the lists of mails
  • Tracking the submitted proposals
  • Providing feedback to the management

Business Development Coordinator Requirements

To be the selected business development coordinator, the candidate needs to fill some asked requirements. The requirements will be the standard to see the competencies of the candidates.

Some requirements to be considered in making the qualification are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, and other related fields
  • Professional experiences in as business development coordinator or related fields
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Ability to make priorities
  • Ability to manage workload
  • Strong networking skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Business Development Coordinator FAQ

What are the main duties of the business development coordinator to handle?

Controlling the running strategies inside the organization becomes the main duty of the business development coordinator. However, a business development coordinator also needs to coordinate with the other staff to ensure that the policies are running maximally.

Can I edit the posted job description of the business development coordinator on this page?

Yes, you can. All templates of the business development coordinator job description on this page are editable. You can get the files through the download page and then edit it using Microsoft Office software.


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