10+ Church Newsletter Customizable PSD Template

Like the common newsletter, the church newsletter can be said as an important publication, especially for the congregations. Well, through the church newsletter, the church management can spread the holy information, the agenda of the church, and others. That is why knowing about the church newsletter templates is quite important, especially for the management.

Today, the church newsletter also becomes an effective way to communicate with the congregations. The church management can spread the information easily and their believers can read it clear.

On this occasion, we will talk about the details of the church newsletter. For those who are curious about it, please read the following writings below.

Church Newsletter PSD: The Basics

When you as the church management is still a newbie in facing the church newsletter, you do not need to worry. Substantively, the church newsletter is a simple concept to be known. This newsletter is the publication to inform the readers about the current events and situations around the church.

In common, the church newsletter will be printed, so the people will get a paper to read the information. However, since the development of digital technology, there is an email newsletter that will ease the people to read the church newsletter wherever they stay.

These are some matters that include in the church newsletter, such as:

  • Church publication
  • Church newspaper
  • Church magazine
  • Church bulletin

What to Include Inside Church Newsletter PSD?

The content becomes the most essential matter inside the church newsletter. These are some contents to be known and written inside the church newsletter, as:

  • News

About the news, inside the church newsletter, writing the past, current, and upcoming events around the church and community can be a great idea. This information will be essential to increase the knowledge of the community about the church.

  • Itinerary

Inserting an itinerary is nice to make the church newsletter. Here, you can write the itinerary of the week’s service of the church, including the scripture passage and songs.

  • Genuine photos

The genuine photos of the church and the community are interesting and important to be included. The photo here can be a simple but effective appreciation way.

  • Contact information

As a common newsletter, contact information is needed to be added. Some contact information, such as email address, phone numbers, and others need to be included to ease another party to deliver their support.

Tips to Make Effective Church Newsletter PSD

To make a good church newsletter, these are some tips that you need to consider. The tips are:

  • Make the church newsletter useful by delivering a simple but informative post
  • Avoid using too many words in making the posts because readers sometimes will get tired in reading it
  • Do not forget to include the basics of the church newsletter
  • Use a high-quality image in making the illustration inside the church newsletter

Church Newsletter Templates PSD Files

We have several samples of the church newsletter templates on this page. You may scroll the samples down to get more inspiration in making the readable church newsletter for the community.

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