Florist Job Description and Its FAQ


For those who love flowers, becoming a florist can be an interesting idea to enjoy the business. On another hand, today, those are many professional florist companies that provide kinds of floral arrangements. Well, based on the florist job description, a person in this position will create the traditional and other floral arrangements. They also will guide the clients to find the best products.

Florist Job Description Templates

As we have said before, today, these are many flower stores that need the hand of the florist to handle some jobs. Of course, since the important jobs of the florist, the management will try to hire a green-thumbed and motivated candidate to fill the needed position.

For the recruiter, when they need to recruit the new florist, they can use the job description template of it. Well, the template can be a helper for them. Inside the template, the recruiter can find what they need to write to inform the candidates about the recruiting process.

On another hand, the template delivers another benefit. By using the template, a recruiter will find the default scheme and details of the job description. It means they do not need to make the document from a blank paper. All they need to do is only adjusting the information based on their needs.

Florist Responsibilities

Arranging the flowers with some different themes become the main responsibility of the florist. However, the selected candidate as the new florist will face some other responsibilities to handle their jobs.

Some responsibilities to be handled by the new florist are:

  • Receiving some shipments, snipping and displaying kinds of flowers
  • Topping up the watering solution to enhance the life spans of the flowers
  • Advising the clients to find the possible combinations for the flowers
  • Providing some combinations of the flower arrangements
  • Packaging the flowers for the clients
  • Instructing the clients on the suitable transporting and the processes of feeding
  • Coordinating with the flower deliveries

Florist Requirements

To be the selected florist, of course, these are some requirements that the candidates need to fulfill. Of course, the requirements will be very essential for the recruitment process since it becomes the tool to measure the competency and the capability of the candidate.

Well, some requirements to be considered by the candidate in joining the recruitment process are:

  • High school diploma
  • Previous experiences as a florist
  • Completion of a botany-related course
  • Familiar with the nutritional needs and life spans of the plants
  • In-depth knowledge about the handling techniques of flower
  • Ability to nourish, affix, and combine flowers with kinds of accessories
  • Approachable, forthcoming, and patient
  • Great communication skills, especially verbal communication

Florist FAQ

What are the main duties of the florist?

Arranging the flowers with different models becomes the main duty of the florist. However, the florist also needs to research some new information to find the new trends of the flower arrangements.

Can I edit the posted job description templates of the florist on this page?

Of course, you can. All templates of the florist job description on this page are editable. You can get the files by clicking the download button and then edit it using Microsoft Office software.


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