Hospitality and Tourism Job Descriptions with Its FAQ


Talking about the hospitality and tourism job descriptions, the catering manager is the part of this job genre. Well, a catering manager is an essential agent for the catering department, which will face some important jobs to be run. A person in this position will manage the catered events, coordinating the preparation, and make sure that all planned matters can be handled maximally.

Hospitality and Tourism Job Descriptions Templates

To handle some catered events, the organization will hire a well-organized and versatile catering manager. Of course, it is quite reasonable. Since the catering manager has some essential jobs, with their ability, the planned agendas can be managed well without any problem.

Some basic jobs to be handled by the catering manager are finalizing the contracts of the sales, planning the menus, organizing some venues and equipment, and others. Of course, the recruiter will do selective recruitment to make sure that they get the trusted candidate.

Well, for the recruiter, they can use the job description template of the catering manager for making the recruitment process. The template here will be useful since it provides the basic scheme of the recruitment document. It means you as the recruiter just need to edit detailed information there.

Hospitality and Tourism Responsibilities

Managing the catered event becomes the main responsibility of the catering manager, as part of a hospitality and tourism agent. However, after being selected as the new catering manager, the potential candidate will face some other responsibilities to be handled.

The responsibility to be known by the catering manager are:

  • Determining the requirements of the customers and proposing the options of the catering
  • Negotiating the prices and preparing the order forms of the meticulous catering
  • Planning detailed menus and overseeing the equipment, foods, service preparations, and others
  • Hiring, training, and supervising the new staff
  • Liaising with the sales staff, customers, chefs, and other providers
  • Overseeing the seating arrangements, clearing of the tables, and others
  • Monitoring the availability of the stock for the catering, supplies, and the replenishments of the ordering
  • Tracking the expenses of the catering and maintaining the accurate records
  • Researching the trends of catering and promoting competitive services

Hospitality and Tourism Requirements

For the candidate, to be the selected catering manager, they need to fill some requirements. The requirements will be the tool to value the competency of the candidate.

Well, some requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate are:

  • Accredited course in management of catering, and others
  • Bachelor’s degree in culinary art, business management, or related fields
  • Experiences in catering manager or similar fields
  • In-depth knowledge about the management system of the electronic catering
  • Great ability to deliver the catering services
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good interpersonal skills

Hospitality and Tourism FAQ

What are the main duties of the catering manager to do?

Managing the catered event becomes the main duty of the catering manager. However, a catering manager also needs to make the best strategies to maximize the level of profits.

Can I edit the job description template of the catering manager on this page?

Of course, you can. All templates of the hospitality and tourism job descriptions, especially the catering manager, are editable. Get the template by clicking the download button and edit the detailed information there using Microsoft Office.


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