Outline Template Sample Example

Outline Template Sample Example to Help Write Any Types of Paper and Essay

The outline is a method to arrange and develop ideas in a formal way. Even though the purpose of an outline is to create structured writing, there is still plenty of room to create flexibility. An outline template sample example may consist of a single or a couple of draft pages. The outline should cover the main topic or idea to create detailed and in-depth content later on.

Basic Outline Template Sample Example

The purpose of the outline template sample example is to provide you a tool to organize your paper, by checking and connecting ideas, or by developing the main points to the more detailed contents. Whether you write a long or a short paper, the outline can make the writer see the big overall picture. There are no rigid rules to create an outline beside the basic components of it. You should choose what’s best for your topic and your writing style.

How to Use Outline Template Sample Example

There are five simple tips you can follow to create the best paper possible. Read about those tips below:

  1. Determine the topic first

Identifying a topic is more than copying and paste the paper prompt word to word. A good writer should choose a topic where they can express their idea, preferably in a sentence or a few phrases.

  1. Find the main points

The main ideas have to convey your content, as well as convince our readers. They usually serve as the answer to why the topic is important to write and discuss. The topic and main points are what your thesis is constructed from.

  1. Organize your main points

Arranging those points in a listed, structured, and logical order is necessary. However, the list can be edited later if needed.

  1. Make sub-point below the main ones

A relevant main point should contain at least two sub-points. You can identify these from using an outline.

  1. Evaluate your outline

Check and review your outline before moving into the next step. See if it is logical enough or needs some additional details.

Organized Outline Template Sample Example

Remember that the outline template sample example is only a template, and even after you modify it, it is still only an outline. It is common to find that your content may stray from the original outline once you develop the paper. It just means that your paper has lost the focus and moving away from the topic. In case of this, you can create an outline once you have completed writing the paper, entirely or partially. It is quite a useful technique to handle the problem, no matter what the initial outline is. If you facing difficulty in writing this type of outline, then your paper may need some revisions to make sense and be organized.

Outline Template Sample Example Free Download

Get a free downloadable outline template sample example by exploring the contents on this page. Once you use the outline and complete editing it, you only have to write the paper. Try to follow the outline flow as much as possible to make your writing time effective and efficient.

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