10+ Site Map Free Template in PSD

Site Map Template and What to Know About It

For those who manage a site or page, knowing about the site map template. Well, a site map will influence the appearance and the working of your site. In simpler, a site map is a file as the space of you in providing detailed information about the pages, videos, and other kinds of files inside the site. Besides, it also shows the relationship between every file.

Using a site map is quite important. This matter will specify the information on the type of contents, such as video, image, and others. Well, by applying the site map, of course, the crawling of the complex sites can be improved. Besides, it also will increase the overlook of the sites to interest the visitors.

Then, what to know more about the site map? We will talk about it in this writing.

Benefits of the Site Map PSD

These are some benefits of the site map that can be the reasons why you need to insert in on your page. Some benefits of the site map to be known are:

  • Content modification

The site map will be useful to modify the content. By using the site map, modifying the content will be easier and I am sure that it will deliver a good effect for the appearance of the site

  • Efficient crawling

About the site, every content inside it should be crawled. Something that you need to know, the crawled process sometimes will need a long process. Here, the site map will cut the process to deliver a more efficient crawling

  • Content categorization

Categorizing the content is quite important for the site to get a regular arrangement. The site map here will be very useful to help you categorize the contents, so the appearance of the site will be neat

  • Save time

The information inside the site will be delivered when it is still fresh. Here, the site map will be useful to cut the time, so the new information can be posted easily.

How to Apply the Site Map PSD

To apply the site map for your page, these are some ways that you need to consider. For the first, you need to review the structure of the page. Look at the template of the site map and figure how the page that you handle will be displayed on the table.

The next thing to be done is coding the URLs. It is the core of the site map that will influence the process and the result. About the coding needs, the sublime text can be a great option for you to be considered.

After applying the coding, you need to validate the code. Human error in coding is possible. That is why the validation is needed. By doing the validation, the risks and rates of human errors can be decreased.

Mistakes to Avoid in Making Site Map PSD

These are some mistakes that you need to avoid creating the site map, such as:

  • Listing non-compliant pages inside the site
  • Forgetting to update the site map after the process of migration
  • Omitting kinds of the important pages

Site Map Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the site map template on this page. You can get the template to help you create the best site map for your page.

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