Technical Architect Job Description and Its FAQ


For the software development team, the technical architect is an important agent with some essential roles. Well, based on the technical architect job description, a person in this position will do some responsibilities, as design, implement, and maintain the IT system. Those matters will be done for servicing the business client, especially those who need to have the new technology in the IT system.

Technical Architect Job Description Templates

The talented and motivated technical architect will be hired by the management of the software developer. Well, it is quite reasonable since the developer wants to please every client they can handle. That is why the selection process will be running selectively.

For the recruiter, using the job description template of the technical architect can be a good idea to be applied. Well, the template provides the default scheme of the job description, so they can know what to write inside the job description to recruit the new technical architect.

On another hand, through the basic scheme, of course, the recruiter does not need to make it from the blank document. All they need to do is only personalizing the default information and then change with the new information as they need.

Technical Architect Responsibilities

Designing the new and modern IT system becomes the main responsibility of the technical architect. However, when a candidate has been selected as the new technical architect, of course, they will face some other responsibilities in running their roles.

The detailed responsibilities of the technical architect are:

  • Meeting with the IT manager to determine the current condition of the company and the future needs
  • Determining when the system can be upgraded by applying some additional matters
  • Providing the kinds of design ideas for the company
  • Managing the design of the project and implementing the system to build a complex system
  • Meeting with the software developers and discussing the needs of the system
  • Overseeing all the moving parts of the old system and change it with the newer one
  • Measuring the detailed performance of the upgraded installed system
  • Training the staff members based on the procedures
  • Providing the feedback from the company

Technical Architect Requirements

To be the selected technical architect, of course, the candidate needs to fulfill the asked requirements. The requirements itself will be a tool to determine the competency of the candidate. It means the selected candidate is a competent agent.

Well, some requirements that should be considered by the candidate are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, and related fields
  • Experiences as the technical architect
  • Experience in managerial
  • In-depth knowledge of the enterprise system, software integration, and networking modules
  • In-depth knowledge of the networking system and computer hardware
  • Familiar with the operating system, programming languages, and others
  • Great project management skills
  • Superb communication skills
  • Ability to solve kinds of IT problems

Technical Architect FAQ

What are the main duties of the technical architect?

Managing the IT system becomes the main duty of the technical architect. However, in running their role, a technical architect also needs to implement some new ideas to reach a better target in the future.

Can I edit the posted job description template of the technical architect on this page?

Yes, you can. All templates of the technical architect job description on this page are editable. You can go to the download page to get the files and then edit it using the office software.


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