Technical Support Engineer Job Description and Its FAQ


The technical support engineer is also known as the IT support engineer. Inside the IT department, they have several essential jobs. Based on the technical support engineer job description, they will install some new systems of the computer, resolving the problems of hardware, upgrading software, and others. Of course, they will control the whole running of the IT system inside the department.

Technical Support Engineer Job Description Templates

The department will hire a talented and experienced technical support engineer to assist the clients. Since an individual in this position has some important jobs, of course, the management will be selective in choosing them. Only the experienced agents will be given some responsibilities.

To be a successful technical support engineer, the potential candidate needs to have in-depth knowledge of the IT system. Then, they also need to have great communication skills and work independently, so all jobs for the candidates can be handling maximally.

Then, for the recruiter, they can use the job description template to make the recruitment document. Using the template will be very useful since it provides the default information of what the candidate needs to do. Besides, the template also will ease the recruiter, since they do not need to make the document from a blank paper.

Technical Support Engineer Responsibilities

Managing the whole IT system inside the department becomes the main responsibility of the technical support engineer. However, after being selected as the new employee, the potential candidate will face some other responsibilities, such as:

  • Responding to the kinds of technical support tickets
  • Completing the reports of the jobs
  • Maintaining the relationship with the clients
  • Proving the basic software training for the clients
  • Proposing the simple and effective solutions for the different cases
  • Diagnosing the problems of hardware, networking, and software
  • Installing new hardware, software, and system of network
  • Traveling to the office of the clients when it is needed
  • Contacting the clients

Technical Support Engineer Requirements

To be the selected candidate of the technical support engineer, of course, the candidate needs to fill some needed requirements. The requirements become the tool to measure the competency and capability of the candidate.

Some requirements to be considered by the candidate before joining the recruitment process are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology and computer science
  • Previous working experiences as a technical support engineer or related field
  • In-depth knowledge of the networking and hardware system
  • Familiar with the operating system, API, and web services
  • Ability to handle some complex problems of software and hardware
  • Great communication skills both verbal and written
  • Critical thinker
  • Good interpersonal skills

Technical Support Engineer FAQ

What are the main duties of the technical support engineer to handle?

Handling the IT system becomes the main duty of the technical support engineer to handle. However, an individual in this position also needs to do some researches to find the new system with some better upgrades.

Can I edit the posted job description of the technical support engineer on this page?

Absolutely yes. All samples and templates of the technical support engineer job description on this page are editable. You can click the download button to get the files and then edit the basic information inside it.


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