10+ Permission Slip Template Free Download PSD

Permission Slip Template Samples, Uses, Types and Tips

Permission slip is a document a given organization/school sends home through the use of a student to a guardian/ parent to obtain consent for students to travel under the care of the representative organization/school for a specific field trip / event. To make it, you can use this permission slip template.

Uses of Permission Slip Template

Our template Photoshop can be used for different functions. First, the blank space at the top can be used for explaining a given activity as well as its representative goal to the guardians & parents. Everyone is allowed to use our versatile template to make your own permission slip.

Besides, you can also make a permission slip with a cut-out portion that can be cut off from the main permission slip. It comes with details like the contract signatures and the contact info of the guardians or parents.

With our PSD flyer template, you can also personalize a permission slip. What you all have to do is just to include or insert stock or custom images/photos. Alternatively, you can also add your institution or organization logo to your personalized permission slip.

Kinds of Permission Slip Template

Whether it is made using our template in PSD Photoshop or manually, a permission slip is divided into 2 types. They are general or blanket form and informed consent form. Both of them contain info that explains activities your children will engage in.

However, there are also some differences between them. Normally, blanket permission slip comes with a complete waiver of liability. On the other hand, informed consent permission slip explains the school activities & other inherent risks which can be occasioned by the nature of the trip.

How to Create a Permission Slip Template

Creating a permission slip with our template in Photoshop free download is easy but requires some steps. Firstly, you should answer the related questions (what, who, where, when, why & how). Secondly, you have to provide a blank & fill it for the needed information including the name of the school.

Thirdly, you must include blanks for full names, birthdates, sex & medical condition of the child. Next, you need to have their doctor’s number, parent’s number and alternate emergency contact number. Lastly, you should include the signature of the parent at the bottom of the permission slip you make.

How to Use Permission Slip Template

Writing a permission template with our business card template free PSD will be much easier & more effective. In fact, all of the templates available in this article are free to download. Besides that, they are also easy to edit. In addition, all of them are ready to print & use anytime you need them.

What you have to do first is to pick your preferred template. After that, you still need to edit it first to fit your needs. You can add texts, change background, adjust fonts, etc. Finally, you can print out the permission slip template when it is ready.

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