10+ Greeting Card Free Template in PSD

Most Impressive Greeting Card Template Designs and Samples

Greeting card can be defined as a piece of special paper or illustrated card stock which indicates a feeling expression to the receiver. Even though it is commonly used for personal uses, it can also be used as a business marketing plan. If you are interested in it, you can use this greeting card template.

How to Write a Greeting Card Template

Creating a greeting card can be done easily with our free template in PSD. However, it requires some steps. Firstly, you have to be brief with your goal. Make sure that you have a clear vision of your greeting card purpose. For example, you want to make it for a Christmas card, holiday card, etc.

Secondly, you have to know the receiver or your audience. You may want to give a greeting card to your family, classmates, or anyone else. So, you can make it personally. Now, it is time to design your own greeting card. Here, you have to plan the page orientation, background color / image, fonts, etc.

Then, what you will have to do is to format the text of the greeting card. You just need to edit the text in our free download PSD simply. Make sure that the text is clear so that your message can be delivered well. Lastly, you can print it out and distribute to the recipient soon.

Uses & Importance of Greeting Card Template

After you know how to make a greeting card with our customizable PSD design template clearly, now you have to understand about its uses & importance. You can use it in various occasions. Some of the examples include New Year, birthday, Christmas, etc.

Greeting card is very important to express your feeling to someone else like your beloved one. Sending it personally will make the recipient feel the emotion of the message. Anyway, it can help you express gratitude to those who have touched your lives.

Components of Greeting Card Template

A good greeting card must contain the right components. Basically, there are 2 components you have to include in the customizable PSD template for a greeting. The first is an attractive & pleasant frame which appeals to emotion and mind of the recipient.

The second is a significant & elegant graphic which relates to the subject of the greeting card as well as a delightful message which touches the heart of the reader. Greeting card can be made in different sizes. However, the standard size includes 3.5×5, 4×6 or 5×7 frames.

Greeting Card Template Designs

We have a collection of business plan template example PSD design with different themes and designs. Make sure that you choose the template that comes with the proper design based on your purpose. For example, a Valentine’s greeting card should have love themed design.

When it comes to a Christmas greeting card, you can choose a template with Christmas tree background. For a birthday greeting card, balloon usually becomes the most popular background design. Hopefully, you can find your preferred greeting card template here.

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