5+ California Immunization Card Printable Template to Help You Track the Immunization Status

For those who are new in the state, especially when they are having kids entering school, California immunization card may be a document required. But what actually this document is about? To be frankly said, it is a card that documents the immunizations taken by a child. But what if it is gone by mistake? Keep calm, and use California immunization card printable.

What is the use of California Immunization Card Printable?

As said earlier, this immunization card printable is used if you lost the original immunization card given by your health care providers. This printable has the similar bars and columns, as well as some short-filled forms required to provide further information regarding the beholder’s immunization status.

There is a lot of information that one should fill in the card. The most important aspects are definitely the identification of the beholder and the immunization documentation itself. These aspects are truly important especially if one is taking another dose of shot.

For example, let’s say one is taking the second DTP immunization. Without the card, there will be no proof that the person has taken the first DTP or not. Referring to the medical record can be doable, but it takes too long. If one cannot show their immunization status, then it will become difficult to prove that they deserve another dose of immunization.

What are the parts of immunization card?

As said, there are many parts to fill in this immunization card. But one printable to other shares the same blank space to fill, and apparently this refers to the original card the state issues.

So, the part of California immunization card printable will include:

  • The identity form of the beholder, including name, sex, birthdate, race/ethnicity, address, telephone, and the name of parents/guardian.
  • The vaccine documentation, which includes the name of seven vaccinations (Polio, Hepatitis B and A, DTP, Varicella, MMR, and HIB.
  • The columns to write down the date of the vaccine administration date.
  • Additional documentation, especially if the card/record beholder is exempt from the vaccination.
  • TB skin tests result and chest x-ray columns for further information regarding the beholder’s tuberculosis status. Chest X-ray is carried out if the card beholder’s TB skin test shows a positive result.
  • The back page, which will inform you about the instruction on how to use the card.

How to print California Immunization card?

If you are getting the California immunization card through a printable, you only need to do simple procedure to print your California immunization card printable. To do so:

  • Make sure to download the form first from the source.
  • Then, read the instructions properly which will be provided on the back side of the card.
  • Continue to fill in the blanks directly while opening the PDF file if possible. It typically comes with PDF format—hence easing you while editing the document.
  • Then, simply print the file after you fill the form provided.

California Immunization Card Printable

The first time you heard about this printable, you may begin to wonder, what kind of document is it and what kind of people that can use it?

california immunization card printable

california immunization card printable


To be simply put, the California immunization card printable is typically used by childcare staff or school teachers. This printable can be printed easily and be printed in copious number. It is not a document for parents to fill out, since it may lead to misfiling and fraud in completing the document.

However, the document’s blanks, despite being filled out by teachers or childcare staff, are based on the parents’ record for immunization. So, after a child receive vaccination, parents or guardian of the child should inform the immunization record to the teacher/childcare staff so they can document it on this file.

California Immunization Card Template

What are included in California immunization card printable? First of all, at the time you download the template file, typically you will get a PDF file type. This file consists of two pages: the first page is basically the immunization card that school teachers or childcare staff will fill, while the back page simply has the instruction of how to fill the document.

california immunization card template

california immunization card template


The first page of this document can only be filled if the parents or the guardian of the card beholder provides the immunization record of the child. So, it is the parent’s/guardian’s job to update the immunization that is administered to the child.

This document is widely requested if the children are to attend 7th grade. That said, it is an important document and parents should comply with the rules to record each immunization progress to the childcare staff/school teacher.

Example California Immunization Card

The example of California immunization card can be seen simply by downloading the California immunization card printable. This document can be easily sought on the internet, so it won’t take you long time to search for the document.

Example california immunization card

Example california immunization card


By seeing the document, you can learn to fill this document, which is issued by the State of California Department of Public Health. It is not that difficult to fill it. You can always refer to the instruction written on the back side of the card if you stumble on confusion.

Printable California Immunization Record

Basically, you only need to tick or write the blanks on the document. For information like identity of the card beholder, address, and the date of vaccination administration, you need to fill it by your own handwriting.

printable california immunization record

printable california immunization record


For the small tick boxes, you can simply tick on it—nothing else required to be done on it. It is so simple to work on it, but you need a proper knowledge before to fill this form so that you won’t make any mistakes.

School California Immunization

After all, this document is an important document that will let you know about the vaccination status of someone. Without this paper, a teacher won’t be able to track down the immunization status of his/her pupils. Therefore, had there been no exemption inferred, teachers or childcare staff can recommend the parent to assist the kid to get the immunization shot.

School california immunization

School california immunization


So that is some information regarding California immunization card printable. If you need this document printable, feel free to download it and use the document to fill your needs.

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