5+ Printable Sunday School Attendance Chart Template

Free printable Sunday school attendance chart is a paper containing the attendance format for Sunday school that can be printed for free. Sunday school is a place where students will get religious lessons which are usually done in church. The things learned are various related to the worship.

Children usually attend Sunday school at the invitation of their parents. Sunday activities, which are days to rest after a week of activities, of course make some children feel tired and bored, although of course the Sunday school was held for good.

Therefore, the attendance is used to monitor student’s attendance. This has a simple format by including the names of students and the time of activity.

What Is School of Attendance Mean?

For your information, free printable Sunday school attendance chart is actually a sheet that contains the names of students who attend a class within a certain time.

What Is Good School Attendance?

In fact, the school attendance facilitates a learning class to make students regular in attending class. School attendance is intended to make students attend all meetings.

Why Should We Attend Sunday School?

Sunday school is important in educating children to believe in god from an early age. This will make a person have a strong personality when they grow up.

Free Printable Sunday School Attendance Chart

As we know, religion must be taught to children from a young age. Therefore, the children will have a strong foundation of belief, so later they will have a calm heart and stay away from sinful acts.

Well, religion is fundamental for everyone who believes in it. When feeling sad or getting into a lot of trouble, a person can go back and reflect on himself through communication with god. Therefore, this is an important thing that children must know from an early age.

free printable sunday school attendance chart

free printable sunday school attendance chart


Sunday school activities have this role, especially when children have a bad environment. Free printable Sunday school attendance chart can be used by teachers, so they can monitor the progress of their students.

The contents of this attendance chart are the names of students available in the left column, and the time (in the form of date) of the Sunday school implementation written in the upper column. Then there is a column to the right, which is the percentage of student attendance.

The middle column is a checklist that is filled out by the teacher every week. The format can also be used for other activities, such as scouts, or other organizations.

School Attendance Chart Template

Free printable Sunday school attendance chart has many templates. The available ones have the main format, namely the name and date. The items that can be changed include the name of the activity, year, and percentage of attendance.

school attendance chart Template

school attendance chart Template


The Sunday schools with not too many students can change the format to landscape, which can increase the number of attendance checklist boxes. For Sunday schools with a large number of students, you may need a portrait format which can be used to include many student names.

In this case, free printable Sunday school attendance has many advantages; one of them is to make the attendance process faster because only a check mark or cross is needed for students who are present or not in Sunday school class. In addition, it also makes it easier for teachers to monitor the student progress.

If too many do not enter, then the teacher can confirm it to the parents whether there is a problem regarding the child in question or not. Well, free printable Sunday school attendance chart also makes it easier for teachers when processing the attendance data because it is enough to observe the total number of attendance on one sheet of paper.

In addition, the chart template is available for free and can be downloaded easily. You can choose one of many templates to use as needed.

Sunday School Attendance Chart

This kind of attendance chart is in the form of a table with boxes filled in. You can adjust the number of boxes according to the template you choose.

Sunday School Attendance Chart

Sunday School Attendance Chart


Moreover, you can also edit it via excel. After choosing a suitable template, download it to your computer. After that, open the file and edit the format. You can add or subtract boxes, add the name, date, type of activity or event name, as well as the year the event takes place.

You can do these things in excel and then print them into paper forms, so they are ready to be used for Sunday school activities.

Sunday School Attendance Sheet

Moreover, the attendance sheet allows you to organize and establish communication with the audience at the start of class. If someone is absent, you can ask a classmate about the reason for not attending. Just perform other activities or for no reason.

Sunday School Attendance Sheet

Sunday School Attendance Sheet


This, besides to familiarize everyone in the class, also adds to the sense of concern that’s fostered in students. You can follow up on the student’s absence, such as sending a short message via email, or visiting their home.

On the free printable Sunday school attendance chart, you can also write down the topics discussed that week, even if in short words. Therefore, the Sunday class in following week has a continuous discussion, so the knowledge conveyed is more in-depth.

It can also be used when an attendance sheet contains a major theme being discussed. Students will feel more understanding when it is applied, compared to changing the topics of discussion every week, which makes students feel confused.

Table School Attendance Chart

The contents of Sunday school attendance chart show a particular class or study group. If you are a teacher who handles many classes, you will easily recognize the school attendance when you see the title.

Table School Attendance Chart

Table School Attendance Chart


You also need several types of school attendance templates for each class you have. The practical one is in table cart. Just download the free printable Sunday school attendance chart for free, and then use it as your need.

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