10+ Gift Certificate Free Template in PSD

Gift Certificate Template Samples, Designs, and Guidelines

A gift certificate template is a kind of document given by a group or individual to someone so that the receiver will be able to use it to avail of a service or product using the certificate as payment. It is mostly used as a marketing tool for a company. Here, we will discuss it further. So, take a look at this closer!

Gift Certificate Template Samples

If you are looking for PSD gift certificate templates, this article is just for you. One of the examples is a homemade gift certificate. This certificate is usually used for homemade business promotion. Besides that, there is a birthday gift certificate where you can give it to your family, friends, or anyone else.

For the next certificate template sample, there is a business gift certificate. It can be an award or gift to your business clients or customers. A photography gift certificate is a next example. This kind of certificate can be used for either promoting your photography services or giving a special award.

Creative Gift Certificate Template Design Ideas

When it comes to PSD gift certificate template design, we have many ideas that can inspire you. One of the best design ideas is a vintage gift certificate. Besides that, a black gift certificate also becomes a good idea you can consider. A unique gift certificate is a next sample you can find in this article.

Of course, there is still many other template designs provided here that work for your desired gift certificate such as a modern gift certificate, minimalist gift certificate, colorful gift certificate, etc. Because there are so many options available, ensure that you choose a template that meets your needs.

How to Write a Gift Certificate Template

After you see our template samples and design ideas, we will talk about the content of a gift certificate PSD. The content can vary depending on your purpose. You can start it with the title of the gift certificate. After that, it should be followed by your logo if the certificate is made by your company.

Then, you can directly state your message. For example, you can simply write “Merry Christmas”, “Congratulation”, etc. Do not forget to include the name of the recipient. The achievement of the recipient should also be included. One more, does not forget to add a relevant image to make it better.

Customizable Gift Certificate Template

Creating this kind of certificate requires a lot of effort. Besides that, it will also take a lot of time and even money. For the solution, we recommend you to use our gift certificate template PSD design. So, you will be able to create it fast, effortlessly, and also affordably.

You just need to pick a template that works your purpose. After that, you should use Adobe Photoshop to edit it to fit your needs. You may change the colors, fonts, images, etc. After you are sure that there is no mistake, you can directly print out the gift certificate template and give it to the right recipient.

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