10+ Gantt Chart Template Free Download PSD

How to Create a Gantt chart Rightly

A Gantt chart is an important tool for project management. The basic idea behind this chart is to tell you about the overlap of processes. It lets you see the status of a project quickly and see how far it is. Besides that, it also lets you manage processes depending on the process completion.

Where a Gantt chart should be used?

Our PSD Gantt chart templates can be used easily when you plan a project for which you need time estimation. If you do not know the accurate time of each process, you will not be able to create this kind of chart. However, it is not a problem because you can create time estimation easily.

This kind of chart often becomes a big problem for many people and students because making it is not easy. Fortunately, we have many Gantt chart PSD templates so that you can create your own chart. With our templates, you will be able to create this kind of chart fast, affordably, and effortlessly.

Essential Components of a Gantt chart

To make this kind of chart, you have to make sure that you include the following essential parts. First of all, you must include the activities. In fact, a project will require you to do some activities to complete it. Different projects will certainly require different activities or tasks.

Besides the activities, a PSD Gantt chart should also contain time estimates. In this part, you have to estimate how long each activity or task will finish. Of course, different activities can be completed at different time lengths. So, you have to make it as detailed as possible.

One more, you cannot forget including the predecessors. These are activities on which other activities depend. If you make a house, you will have to put up the wall before painting it. Thus, building walls can be considered as a predecessor for the painting activity. Anyway, this must be defined clearly.

Tips for Creating a Gantt chart

There are some tips for creating a Gantt chart PSD. Firstly, you cannot be too optimistic. Sometimes, you need to inflate the time estimate. Secondly, you have to keep it simple. It is not a good idea to make a complicated chart. With a simple chart, people will be able to read and understand it.

Besides that, you also need to keep it static. So, people can understand the progress at a quick glance. To make it more impressive, you may need to give color coding. It can be based on the teams that will work on them. The color coding will not only make it looks eye-catching but also make it easier to read.

If you have no idea about a Gantt chart, you should not worry. We have a collection of sample templates that will work for your desired chart. You just need to pick your preferred template and edit it to fit your needs using Adobe Photoshop. You should review it again to ensure that there is no mistake & error.

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