10+ Post Card Free Template in PSD

Post Card Template for Different Purposes

Postcards are often used to carry messages & greetings. Even more, many people use postcards for marketing tools. In fact, postcards can reach a wide public efficiently. Talking about a post card template, we have so many samples. We also provide guidelines for you who want to create a postcard.

Postcard Template Samples for Businesses

For business, there are many kinds of postcard template PSD samples you can find in this article. One of the examples is a new business announcement postcard. Besides that, there is also a photographer business postcard. The next sample is a corporate business postcard template.

Of course, there are still many other sample templates such as a multi-purpose business postcard, construction business postcard, event planner postcard, cleaning service postcard, real estate postcard, residential realtor postcard, business marketing postcard, etc. So, you have to choose the proper one.

Postcard Template Samples for Non-commercial Purposes

A PSD postcard template can also be used for non-commercial purposes. For example, you can find a Church anniversary postcard template, security Church postcard, thank you postcard, greeting postcard, birthday postcard, party invitation postcard, graduation celebration postcard, & other design samples.

Creative Postcard Template Design Ideas

When it comes to PSD postcard template design, there are so many options and ideas you can consider. This article also contains many template designs that will work for your desired postcard. One of the best design ideas is a modern postcard. Besides that, you can also find a vintage postcard design sample.

Of course, we still have many other design ideas that can inspire you to make your desired postcard template. They are such as a classic postcard, unique postcard, funny postcard, and many more. Make sure that you choose a template that can make your postcard template look much more impressive.

How to Make a Postcard Template

It is very important what to write in the postcard template PSD. The content depends on the type of postcard. For example, if you want to make a birthday postcard, you can start with “Happy Birthday”. If you want to make a business planner postcard, you can write “Grow Your Business”, for example.

You can make it more interesting if you add a quote, wish, or something else. For example, you can write “I hope this package brightens your day” in a thank you postcard. In a business postcard, you should be able to convince people to be your clients or customers.

For example, in a construction postcard, you can convince people by writing “We have what you need”. In addition, you must insert a relevant photo depending on the type of postcard you would like to make. One more, you have to decide the best color that can enhance its look.

Using our design samples, you can create your own post card template easily. Because our templates are editable, you can edit the template you have picked. Just fell free to use Adobe Photoshop to edit the colors, fonts, images, and many more so that it meets your needs.

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