Education Postcard Free PSD Template

Education Postcard for Schools, Tutor, and Training

Education postcard is usually made by a school or tutoring and training institution. They are established to promote the school or to make sure that everyone will receive the message displayed on the postcard. These are some of the best designs for the postcard. If you want to make the postcard on your own, you do not need to spend hours making one from nothing. Use the templates down below.


What to Write on an Education Postcard?

Besides the design, making the postcard requires some content. So, what you should write on the education postcard? The first thing that you will have to display there is something about the resources of the school and then you will have to write the messages from the teachers or tutors. Learn more about them down below.

  1. School Resources

Usually, the postcard is made for a promotional campaign and it is used to make sure that everyone will get information about the school and enroll their kids there. That is why the first thing to display on the postcard is about the school resources; including the sites that lead people to find out more information about the particular school.

  1. Teacher’s Messages

If the postcard is designed and addressed to children in a class, usually the main display on the postcard will have the teacher’s messages there. It can be taken from the personal quotes by the teacher or general education-related quotes from famous people. It is such great content for a postcard that everyone should consider.


Book-Themed Education Postcard Template

There is nothing closer to an educational theme but books. Books are associated with school and that is why it is great to use book-theme as the main design of the education postcard. The example can be seen right over here. The display of the postcard is like a bookshelf with books lining up neatly. It is like the best theme for a librarian, too.


Colorful Education Postcard Template

As the postcard is for children, you can use colorful design for sure. Take a look at this example right here. The design is full of colors as it uses handprints of many different colors. It looks whimsical but rather simple, too. If you like this design, you can always download them for free right here. There is no need to pay for anything to get the design.


PSD Chalkboard Education Postcard Design

This is the design of a chalkboard for the postcard. Chalkboard is always there in every classroom and educational institution. That is why it is great to use that particular PSD design for the educational postcard. You do not have to make it on your own, and you can use this one instead. It is ready to use and you can use it anytime you want.  

Download those PSD postcard designs for free. After that, you can edit them and print the postcard. All you have to do now is selecting which designs you want for the postcard. Considering that making education postcard is important, you have to download them all now.

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