Hotel E-book Cover PSD Flyer Template

Modern Hotel E-book Cover for The Primary Display of Your Digital Book

A modern hotel e-book cover should be designed as creatively as possible. It becomes the main point for the contents of the e-book. Several customizable templates can be downloaded as needed. One selected will later be used to design the cover. An e-book is displayed as a cover on its search on the e-book provider website. So, the attractive appearance of an e-book cover is needed to be a concern and election for readers.

Modern Hotel E-book Cover Importance

You might have taken the trouble to create a modern hotel e-book for your business brand. This, of course, wants numerous potential visitors and readers of your e-book. Writing and publishing an e-book itself is easy and fast because the process is digital. Besides promoting the business brand in the hospitality sector, it can also be a profitable field for e-book authors.

It all can be realized, as long as it has an e-book cover design that is worth selling. This should have an attractive appearance, and the contents of the cover fit the theme of the business brand. Good cover content also includes the ability to communicate the genre and mood of the e-book. Also, an attractive cover is designed using a combination of simple elements, a clear photo, contrasting text, as well as clear and legible fonts. It doesn’t need an exaggerated design to attract potential readers.

Modern Hotel E-book Cover PSD Format

With a design that can be customized, it certainly makes it easier for the e-book cover designer. If you are the designer of a modern hotel e-book cover, you can specify a format that can be searched and downloaded for free. All will be available on the website provider.

A design that will be customized is in the form of Photoshop Document or PSD format. That is an extension file from Adobe Photoshop. File with this format you get in the form of an image, which of course the editing process can later be in Photoshop or Illustrator software.

Modern Hotel E-book Cover PSD Template

PSD extension is a Photoshop file. The template is inserted into Photoshop for its customization process. In Photoshop, the template is split into layers to facilitate the editing process. The forms of the PSD template for the cover are also distributed variously to your modern hotel e-book cover.

Purposes of Modern Hotel E-book Cover PSD

Utilizing the PSD format as a default Photoshop application will help in various customization processes. This relates to the purposes of a modern hotel e-book cover PSD format below.

  • To provide a high definition picture file.
  • To give the primary format for artwork and images in Photoshop.
  • To simplify the customization process in Photoshop.
  • To enable the designer to work with the individual layered images even after the file is saved.

Those are some important points you have to know about the PSD e-book cover. You just need to download one that’s suitable for your project.

Download :

File File size Downloads
Hotel Book Cover Design PSD 5 MB 380
Hotel Book Cover Template Example 10 MB 389
PSD Template For Hotel Book Cover 5 MB 346
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