Adventure Binder Cover Template Photoshop

Getting Your Own Adventure Binder Cover

A binder is like a book, but it can be refilled with the blank loose-leaf or sheets that you can write on. Also, most of the binders are refillable, and you can also customize the cover to your liking. To make your binder look attractive, you can have the adventure binder cover.


The Main Element of Adventure Binder Cover

The cover can be made of hard or soft and fluffy material. You can put your favorite design as the background for both sides, allowing you to make the endless customization to your adventure binder cover. Here are the layouts and elements on the binder cover.

  1. The choices of words

Since it is about adventure themes, you can use some phrases for the cover, for example, “Adventure Time”, “Travel and Adventure”, and so on. It will be better if you choose the words by the use of your binder, whether it is used as a traveling binder or just your dairy book.

  1. The colors

Color is the main element in all book covers, including for the binder. If you want a calm vibe, just choose the natural colors and tones like the combination of brown, pale green, and yellow. Use your imagination to combine the phrases and colors in the adventure theme. As inspiration, just download the PSD binder cover template then customize it with your design.

  1. The pictures

You are free to use any picture related to the adventure theme for your binder cover. It can be a picture of a mountain, beach, or even the night sky full of stars. Make sure to keep it simple yet represent your intention.

The Adventure Binder Cover Impression

An adventure binder cover should describe what kind of an adventurer you are. When you are using a mountain-themed background, people will get the impression that you like to go hiking. Meanwhile, when you are using a beach as the main background, your friends will see you as a beach person. For the design, using your hobby or activities that you like to do is best, so people can understand you more when raking you to the trips or planning for an outdoor activity together with you.


The Design of an Adventure Binder Cover

The design for the adventure binder cover can be anything. It can be your favorite trip, a photo when you watched the sunset with friends, or even motivating quotes and typography. It is best to know how do you want it to turn out before deciding on the style as well as the design.


The Adventure Binder Cover PSD Format

Some sites giving free templates in PSD. If you are using your illustrations, it might be best to go with AI format templates since your work will be rasterized as a vector graphic. However, when you are using stock images as the main background, you can pick the templates which are in PSD format. It will be easier for you to manipulate the object using Adobe Photoshop.  

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