Romance Book Cover Customizable PSD Template

The Beautiful Romance Book Cover PSD Template

A book cover is a form of art that is delicate. A romance book cover is usually highly illustrated to the point. It should be eye-catching and can capture the readers’ attention. The design is usually decorated with vibrant colors rather than dark tones. So, what exactly makes a book cover even worthy of attention? Let’s check further explanation below.


The Popular Themes for Romance Book Cover

As we know, the color palette used to design a romance book cover will determine its value. From first glance, people will make a choice, whether to buy a book or not, depending on its cover design.

  • The Rustic Theme

The rustic theme is used mainly if the book is telling a story that takes place around the 16th century. You can materialize the countryside feeling by using a color palette dominated by wood color and greeneries. The main objective of the rustic theme color palette is to allow soothing effects that please the eyes of the readers.

  • The Melodramatic Concept

When a book is telling an emotional story that makes readers find it not only enjoyable but also emotionally draining, you can use the melodramatic color palette to design the cover. The melodramatic palette’s purpose is to make readers feeling warm and nostalgic inside. The palette is mostly composed of warm colors, such as the shade brown and reddish-orange

  • The Shades of Royalty Theme

Using bold colors to convey the feeling of royalty is what this shade is aiming for. Using red and gold colors will enhance its effect without the use of adding symbolic crest. This theme is suitable for those stories that took place in the English countryside with some action and romance plot.


Romance Book Cover Designs and Format

In this case, you can get the editable PSD cover templates. Well, Photoshop is an image editor that’s popular and easiest to use. Editing the template on Photoshop will produce good graphics. Moreover, you can also make or edit the template design using Illustrator. Known for its ability to produce vector graphics, this app is mainly used to design the logos, banners, and most designs that people want to make from scratch rather than combining several images into one.


The Importance of Design the Romance Book Cover Attractively

When you are looking at a marvelous piece of art, you might have the urge to have it in your possession. The same goes for the romance book cover. When the design of the book cover is extremely good, people will be interested to know more about the content, what is the story, and who are the characters involved in the story.


Download Romance Book Cover PSD Templates

The PSD templates for the romance book cover are available for free on the internet. You have so many options related to the designs and themes, ranging from the ones using skewed text, nature backgrounds, pictures of lovers, graphic frames, and many more. Just choose the cover template according to your book.  

Download :

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