10+ Ice Cream Cones Free Template in PSD

Ice Cream Cones Template and how to make it grab the audiences

An Ice cream cones template is helpful for you if you want to open business for Ice cream. The template is useful because you can edit or customize the file without any difficulties. You also can practice this template to hone your Photoshop skills so that you will have a great template without any difficulties.

You do not need to worry if you never design this ice cream cones because you can choose one of the best ice cream cones templates PSD that will help you to design it very well. By practicing it with the template, you can design your template to make it look great so that many people will interest in your template.

How to create an ice cream cones template with Photoshop easily 

If you use Photoshop, the first step to do is creating a new document with a 600px width and a 700px high. After that, you can set your foreground before designing to make the result getting impressive to read. Next, you can select the Pen Tool and click on the Shape Layers option from the option bar and craw a cone shape.

Furthermore, you can click the cone layer and going to Layer > Layer Style and choose Blending Option. You can use the setting to provide below and open the layer style window by double-clicking on the layer. It will make your ice cream cones template PSD layout looking great and it is simple to practice for you.

How to make an ice cream cones template interesting to look

If you have finished creating a cone, next you can create stripes on the cone biscuit to make it more realistic. In this section, you can select the color and then pick a hard round brush with a 3px size. After that, select the Pen Tool and choose Paths from the top options bar and draw a slightly curved line.

After that, you only need to right-click and select Stroke Path and click Brush. Next, you can press Delete to get rid of the path. You also can double-click on the new line layer and use the setting to cast a shadow on your ice cream cones template design PSD. Then, you only need to copy the line to make it easier.

Create a different flavored for your cream 

Your Ice Cream design will be impressive if you can create a different flavored Ice cream scoop. Gaining this purpose, you can select the Pen Tool with the Shape Layers option to draw a great shape. After that, you can double-click on the scoop layer and use the setting below to add the Inner Glow to the Ice Cream.

Remember to draw some shadowing and highlight over the scoop using the Pen Tool. In this step, you can approach it roughly and imprecisely to get the proper imperfections for ice cream. With this idea, your ice cream cones template PSD design getting more realistic.

 Duplicate the Cream design to make it impressive 

Finally, you only need to duplicate the scoop layer to make your ice cream cones template getting more impressive. You can change the blending mode of the layer and reduce the opacity to 40% to make it getting realistic.

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