5+ Printable Letter Templates to Help You Teach Your Kid ABCs

Do you have a child who is taking a step into ‘toddlerhood’? If so, you may think that it’s the right time to teach your kid ABCs. That’s exactly the right time to get some printable letter templates. These templates will help you in making unique ABC props for them.

Are There Letter Templates in Word?

Well, if what you mean is the template to make a letter for correspondence, then the answer is—yes, there are templates for letters in Word. Unfortunately, if what you mean is the letter as in ABCs, Word doesn’t have one. So, finding online is what you need to do.

How Do I Get a Letter Template in Word?

To find a compatible letter template in Word, you can try by defining the template file extension, meaning that you need to find any template with .doc or .docx extension. That will be suitable templates for Word, and modifying it will be possible to be done through the app.

How Do You Create a Letter Template?

It is actually easy to make a letter template especially if you are skilled in designs. To make a template—the basic one, you can benefit from Word. But if you are trying to get a unique letter template, then you can design it using any image editor like Photoshop.

3D Printable Letter Templates

Are you interested in making 3D for of printable letter templates? Well, you know it: the thing called as internet has the answer for you. You can find the templates of letters’ template online then cut it according to the lines. Remember, you need to have the flaps as well as it is used to ‘secure’ and glue the letter template.

3D Printable Letter Templates

3D Printable Letter Templates


After that, prepare glue then proceed to put the flaps all together. Along the process, make sure to fold based on the lines found on the template. Make sure to do it neatly. There you get the 3D alphabet!

Animal Printable Letter Templates

Teaching kids alphabets the fun way can be started simply by picking up some cute templates that attracts their attention. Kids, just as adults, are attracted to visuals. Therefore, templates with such themed templates can help them to quickly learn alphabets as they are naturally attracted with the objects of learning.

Billon Printable Letter Templates

Thinking about other themed templates? Grab balloon printable letter templates and see how it differs from the aforementioned themed templates. Well, this one can be one of your kid’s favorites—we know, balloons are definitely their best friend. That said, it would be beneficial to take balloon-themed templates to make them ready to learn.

Blank Printable Letter Templates        

Even if your kids are into character letter template, there is nothing wrong to keep this blank printable letter template. Think of it as an investment that you may use it someday, especially when your kid is growing bigger, like when your kid is attending preschool or maybe primary school.

Blank printable letter templates

Blank printable letter templates


Jersey Printable Letter Templates

If your lovely kids are into footballs, then you should get this jersey themed printable letter template. Getting the theme that your children love is one trick you should use in order to lure them into studying. With that done, it will hopefully be an amazing journey to teach your kids ABCs.

Now you may wonder what is so special from printable letter templates. Well, there are several reasons why you should get this tool as soon as your kid reaching the age when he/she should start to learn the alphabets.

First, it’s about practicality. Often you are a busy parent (be it dad or mom) that must deal with not only childbearing, but also office work and of course, house chores. This will make the time to prepare educational material for your children become a challenging task to do.

Kids Printable Letter Templates

Another thing that is special from printable letter template is that it often comes with zero prices. Unlike printed books you can purchase either online or offline, your buddy—printable templates are costing you nothing. This will surely help to reduce your expenses related to childbearing and education cost for your kids.

Kids printable letter templates

Kids printable letter templates


Not only that, but it is also easy to find. You can head to your browser. Then, start browsing and with only some clicks, you can easily obtain the templates, just like what you did with online shopping (but it’s oftentimes costing you zero bucks).

Latin Printable Letter Templates         

To whom the printable letter templates are great for? It’s for both children and their parents. Why does this letter template bring benefits for its young and adult users?

First, let’s talk from the side of the children. By getting this template, children can learn in a fun way. It allows them to use not only their linguistic brain, but also their fine motor as well. This is because getting the letters to make a word requires them to move and put the letters, right?

As for the side of parents, the benefit is crystal clear: printable letter templates will help them to provide materials; props for their studying children. Even when the props are coming with zero ‘pricing plan’, it is still qualified to help kids learn to some extent.

Printable Letter Templates

With all that said, it becomes clear that children don’t need just one set of alphabets to learn how to compose and read words. Feel free and don’t hesitate to take as many samples as possible, combining blank and themed template.

Printable Letter Templates

Printable Letter Templates


Typography Printable Letter Templates

Combining blank and themed template will make a perfect learning tool for your kid. But sometimes you feel that getting a common letter set is too boring, while animated one is too childish.


Typography Printable Letter Templates

Typography Printable Letter Templates


Getting a typography letter template should be a great attempt to escape from those types of alphabets set template. Doesn’t it sound great for you?

Vectorial Printable Letter Templates

To conclude, there are a lot of letter templates that you can print at home. Printing your own letter template for your kids will help to reduce expenses of learning props.

Printable letter templates are available in many types and colors. Even if you are searching for a themed one (like animal-themed letter template, for example), you’ll be able to find it for free in an easy manner.

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