8+ Printable Meal Planner Template

What is free printable meal planner? Just as its name infers, this is a template in which you can plan your meal for, more often than not, weekly basis. Although the monthly meal planner is also available, that’ll be easier to find the one set in weekly basis.

How Do I Make a Weekly Meal Plan?

To make a weekly meal plan, you should research first what kind of meals you want to cook in the future. Then, list down the recipes and determine what ingredients you need to prepare. Following the step, you need to do the groceries. Be it a bulk purchase or just a daily purchase—you can do either way.

The next step is to write the weekly meal plan on a piece of paper which you can mount on somewhere, for example, on a wall, on a refrigerator, or maybe sticking it on a table after laminating it.

How Do I Create A Meal Plan In Excel?

Since Excel has already equipped with tables in the form of cells, that will be easier to make a meal plan using this program. To make the plan, you may use a printable meal plan or making it from scratch.

If you decide to make your meal plan from scratch, that’d be better to conduct research first to know what kind of meals you want to include in your meal plan. Then, according to the meal plan that you made, get your groceries before you officially start the week with that plan.

What Are The 5 Principles Of Good Menu Planning?

  • Strive for balance (balanced nutrients)
  • Emphasize variety
  • Add contrast
  • Consider color
  • Create eye appeal

Blank Printable Meal Planner

Need a blank meal planner to help you set meal plan? These days there are a lot of templates provided to help you make it (the plan). You will only need to retrieve it according to the specification you want, and let the internet do the magic for you.

Blank printable meal planner

Blank printable meal planner


Daily Printable Meal Planner

Meal planner is often found in a weekly basis. It simply means that per piece of paper, you can see the seven-day meal plan—not just one day. But if you need a daily template, finding it online is just a piece of cake.

Daily printable meal planner

Daily printable meal planner


Example Printable Meal Planner         

Feeling confused every day while making meals? Simple, grab a meal planner template and start planning. It typically comes with a daily basis, so once you’ve completed making the plan, you only need to prepare the groceries and do the cooking according to the plan.

Example printable meal planner

Example printable meal planner


Free Printable Meal Planner

What’s best from free printable meal planner is that it comes at zero cost. Hence, you should not worry that it’ll drain your bank account.

free printable meal planner

free printable meal planner


Health Printable Meal Planner

If you are working in a hospital as a nutritionist, you’ll surely need this paper. You can plan what your team will cook for the patients using this meal planner, which is good to use since you don’t have to deal with making tables anymore.

Health printable meal planner

Health printable meal planner


It will help you to work fast especially if you are bound to a strict deadline. Therefore, instead of building blocks of tables, you can directly insert what meals you are intending to give to the patients.

Hotel Printable Meal Planner

Are you a chef working for a hotel? If so, then you will find this free printable meal planner useful for you. We know that your working hours are incredibly busy as those businessmen on Wall Street, and you need a helping hand in planning the hotel’s meal plan.

Hotel printable meal planner

Hotel printable meal planner


That said, that’d be great to have this free printable meal planner together with you. You don’t have to make it lavish, though—as long as it serves you great function, then a basic meal planner will do great for you.

Ramadhan Printable Meal Planner

In Ramadhan, every second is precious to do only good deeds. But, you still need to cook for the family, don’t you?

To save your time, you can plan what meal to serve on the table beforehand. To help you with that, you can gran a printable meal planner and adjust it according to your need.

With this meal planner, you can plan what groceries product you need to purchase. Hence, you can make a visit to the grocery store, and just do a bulk purchase to save time. Your Ramadhan won’t be spent running on the grocery’s aisle. Meal planner will be a great ‘asset’ of yours.

Schedule with Meal Planner

Preparing meals—be it done for your job or simply done for your family—is not an easy thing. That said, everything has to be thought really well, making a meal planner to be a great tool to help you plan your meal on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Schedule with meal planner

Schedule with meal planner


What’s best from free printable meal planner? Well, there are several benefits you can get by downloading this meal planner. First, this template will be able to help you cut the time for making tables for the planner. Then, using this tool, you can directly write down each detail of your meal plan easily.

Seafood Printable Meal Planner          

Crabs and lobsters—all in! It’s time to dig in some seafood again. If you got the resources in abundance, that will be great if you find resources about how to cook them right.

Unfortunately, there are lots of recipes you can follow. While it seems impossible to cook it all in one day, that’ll be great to list down and plan what seafood-based meals you will cook for each day. That will help you a lot in making your work easier since you have the plan on what recipe to cook each day.

Weekly Printable Meal Planner

As said earlier, meal planners are typically set to be on weekly basis. With this tool you can get a mean weekly plan, which is great especially if you are too busy to think about meal plan every day.

Weekly printable meal planner

Weekly printable meal planner


Now, go and list down seven recipes you can work with. Write it down on this weekly free printable meal planner. Then, as you finish writing it, you may plan when to purchase the ingredients required for the whole week. That will help you to quickly cook on the respective week.

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