Tea Day Greeting Card Customizable PSD Design Template

International Tea Day Greeting Card with Various Designs

International Tea Day is a nice event to have every year. As its name, it is a good day to enjoy the tea. There are a story and history about it, but people mostly know it as the moment to gather with families and relatives, and tea will be a nice part of the menu of the day. Since it is a special moment, some people intentionally also make International Tea Day Greeting Card. The greeting cards are sent to colleagues, friends, relatives, and other people. These cards may be simple, but it still leaves a good impression.


Purposes of International Tea Day Greeting Card

Of course, some people can have some different intentions in sending greeting cards. In this case, some points may represent the purposes of someone sending the card to the other people, such as:

  1. Send warm greeting

As its name, the first point is to send a warm greeting. Since it may not be possible to enjoy cups of tea together, then people can send the greeting. At least, they still can have the moment shared through words.

  1. Make the invitation

Some people also make greeting cards with some information. It is more about an invitation card. There is a detail of information, regarding the time and location, so it is possible to enjoy the tea time together.

  1. Rebuild the relationship

Relationships can be quite fragile. Some problems may appear, and it makes things uncomfortable. That is why some special moments can be a good chance to rebuild the bridge. Having good tea is a good way to make things better, and sending the International Tea Day Greeting Card can be one of the options to do it.


International Tea Day Greeting Card with Teapot

Of course, Tea Day becomes a good moment, and the greeting card is one of the ways to express good intentions on this good occasion. In this case, the design of the cards can have many variations. However, one of the normal ones is to use the picture of the teapot.

Tea is best served from the teapot. It is quite traditional, but it is the thing that makes it feel better. That is why the pot becomes the center of the design. Then, commonly it is decorated with some tea leaves around on the pot, and there is a simple greeting message in there.


Unique International Tea Day Greeting Card

Some people also love to make International Tea Day Greeting Card. The card is not made casually by using the design of the teapot. However, it uses the variation of fonts. These fonts are made colorful, and some types of the font are picked personally for the design. To make it look better and show that it is a Tea Day, the fonts are shaped into a nice teapot. This can be a good inspiration to have an attractive and impressive greeting card.


Simple PSD International Tea Day Greeting Card Template

Simple greeting cards can also be found. Some people choose simple designs due to some reasons. Someone may not good at creating the design, while others choose the simple design, yet there is a deeper message.

A simple look does mean bad. It still can be attractive with some color combinations. For example, a PSD greeting card template has a simple picture of a cup of tea. The water is made yellow with some green leaves in there. Then, it has a white cap with a pale background. Added in some words, it becomes a good International Tea Day Greeting Card.

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