Tiger Day Greeting Card Template Photoshop

International Tiger Day Greeting Card for Various Purposes and Intentions

Tiger may become one of the powerful beasts in the forest and jungle. It also becomes the top of the food chain. However, it will be different when humans are included in the list. Even, some subspecies of the tiger already faced extinction due to the works of humans. That is why there is International Tiger Day. This also becomes a special day to remind people, so they do not hunt the animal for any reason. To make it more special, some institutions and organizations make International Tiger Day Greeting Card, and it is distributed and spread all over the places, so everyone can get the message.


Preparing Design of International Tiger Day Greeting Card

In making the design of the greeting cards, some people may have their ways. However, commonly there are some similarities of points to prepare before the card is fixed and ready to print. Regarding the points, these are some of them.

  1. Layout

It is the basic point to do. Preparing the layout includes the process of choosing the paper and its size. Then, it also prepares the theme and concept for its specific design. This is an early step that may determine the whole card.

  1. Design

For the design, some people may edit and modify some pictures or photos. However, some skillful people may also make their pictures or images from their imagination. These will be more about preference.

  1. Fonts

Messages on the card are important. Of course, it should be written in good fonts, so it is readable and attractive at the same time. In this case, choosing more than just font is possible to do.


Cute International Tiger Day Greeting Card

The International Tiger Day Greeting Card can be designed for a certain target of recipients. In this case, it is good to have children to get the cards. They may love the pictures, and it is a good way to let them know about the issue, so they can have early awareness about it.

Since it is dedicated to kids, the design may be made cuter. In this case, there is a nice example. It uses the picture of tiger cubs. The cubs look cute, and it shows that they are cuddling with their mom. Then, it has a simple message with a nice color combination to leave a deep impression on kids.


International Tiger Day Greeting Card with Real Photo

The International Tiger Day Greeting Card can use various kinds of ideas. Some organizations having concern on the animal even has the dedication to find a real picture of them, and it is included in the design of the card.

The real picture shows the real condition of the tiger. The tiger may seem fierce, but it also looks powerless. This is followed by a simple design. It may look minimalist, but it delivers a deep message, and everyone may get what the creator of the card wants to say.


Informative PSD International Tiger Day Greeting Card Template

Some people use International Tiger Day as the opportunity to increase more awareness of this powerful animal. That is why the greeting card can be made by using certain PSD designs. It is not only attractive, but it is also possible to make it informative.

The card is used to deliver some useful information. There are data and facts about the tigers and their habitats. The numbers on the card surely will make people know the real condition of this animal. By doing so, the International Tiger Day Greeting Card can have more than just function as greeting.

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