How To Write A Simple Administrative Assistant Recommendation Letter?

Apart from making a cover letter, a job applicant must also include several credible letters of recommendation. If an administrative assistant at your company asks for a letter of recommendation to apply for a new job, you have to ask yourself “Do I know his/her performance?” If you believe you know how your administrative assistant works, it will help you to write an administrative assistant recommendation letter. A good letter of recommendation is always based on facts, you shouldn’t write a letter in a verbose manner.

What Are The Aspects of a Recommendation Letter?

A good administrative assistant recommendation letter is not written carelessly. You have to pay attention to some crucial aspects as follow:


Open the letter by stating that you are very happy to recommend the applicant as an administrative assistant at the new company. Describe your relationship while working with the applicant, also disclose several relevant things including some contributions from the applicant. Don’t forget to write some of the strengths of the applicant and how long she/he has worked in the same company as you.


You need to reaffirm several things related to the applicant’s positive personality, for example by writing that the applicant is resilient, diligent, never absent, honest, active, friendly, intelligent, and other positive things about the applicant. Also, state that you trust the applicant as an individual who will be an important asset to the new company.


Write a conclusion by stating that you highly recommend the applicant. Also, it’s necessary to include your contact if the hiring manager wants to contact you with some questions. End the letter with your name, title, and signature.

Administrative Assistant Recommendation Letter Example

The following is an example of a recommendation letter that you can use as inspiration. Note, you must write the letter carefully and following the facts. If you feel that you don’t know the applicant well, there is nothing wrong with refusing to write a letter of recommendation.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I am sending this letter to recommend Natalie Ginger as an administrative assistant in your company. Ginger had worked at our company for five years before finally having to move to Ottawa because of an emergency thing with her family. Although we still really need Ginger, there is nothing we can do but let her go with regret.

Ginger is a smart, creative, resilient, and diligent person. I always hear many colleagues praise her, besides she is considered smart, she is also a friendly and cheerful employee, so her presence can cheer the atmosphere in the workspace. We do believe that Ginger will be a very valuable asset for your company.

I highly recommend Ginger as the next administrative assistant in your company, you will not be disappointed with her excellent performance. Feel free to contact me at (777)-7777-777 or email me at, I would love to answer some questions about Ginger’s performance.

Best regards,


James Parker

Marketing Manager

ABC Company

To sum up, a good administrative assistant recommendation letter should be written by a person who knows about the applicant well. By reading the explanation and example above, we hope you can get a new concept for your letter.




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