Customizable Apology Letter For Mistake At Work With Example

It is a very common thing for human beings for making a mistake on any occasion. Sometimes during work, routine activity, or any regret that occurs when making a decision is a kind of mistake taken by a human being. Here is a simple guide to a tone for the mistake you had at work to save your self-esteem by addressing a letter to the person who responsible for you in a company or corporation.

Why Should Atone Yourself When Make A Mistake?

Most people always wanted to be respected by others when it related to their esteem. When you are making mistakes, an absolute guilty feeling will appear right after the mistake happened or taken. The only way to redeem the mistake is by regret and promise to not do the same action in the future.  Apologize will be the gracious decision to make in order to fix the problem. But, when you work for a corporation or company, you may address an apology letter toward the employer.

Guide To Make An Apology Letter For Mistake At Work

The contents of the letter should include all of these following aspects:

  • Identity
  • Date/Time.
  • Greeting
  • Body (the main content where you explain the mistake you had).
  • Closing
  • Signature

An Example Of Apology Letter For Mistake At Work

This letter is an example from a worker where she made a mistake that caused a big problem for her and the manager. She truly regrets her action by hand out the wrong ticket to the customer. She wrote this letter in a careful way with a tone full of remorse including her apology to her manager and company. She plans to atone for her mistake in the future by promising that the mistakes will not happen again in the future and will work very hard to prove that her mistake is a pure common human error that happens during her work schedule.

Dear Mr. Manager,

Along with this letter, I expressed my guilty for mixing up the tickets with the wrong customers. I realized that my mistake caused many problems for you and the other supervisors in the company. I apologize for all of the problems that occur and I hope to be able to atone for my mistake caused by my mistake.

The one being my focus is about the vision of the company which emphasizes that the ticket should go to the right person. My focus distracted which made me do something careless that turned into some bigger problem. As soon as I realized my mistake, I talked to my supervisor to see how I could take further action to fix this problem. I promise to atone myself in the most appropriate way to solve the problem.

I am assured that I will not repeat this mistake. I will be extra aware of the ticket where I am giving to and will not let my focus faltered by the other distraction. I really love my time while working and I truly rely on this company to let me stay longer continue my job here. Although I cannot take back my prior mistake, I hope that this letter will help to fix the problems I have caused during my time working in the company.


Steward Lupin



Hope this article may be useful for your understanding regarding this letter type. Don’t hesitate to edit the example base on your need to make a new fresh one.




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