Tips To Make An Apology Letter to Coworker

Working in an environment that involves a lot of people is risky to the occurance of arguments. Many people means many ideas and opinions and it is easy to be the start of the problem at work.Quite often, you may have said something offensive when you do not intend to because of the heated arguments with other coworker. Arguments lead to the unpleasant situation at work thataffects everyone, not only those who are in involved. When you say hurtful words to your coworker, it is expected that you apologize to them by sending an apology letter to coworker in a professional and formal tone.

What to Write in the Apology Letter to Coworker

In order to have the healthy work environment back after the arguments, it is needed to normalize the situation and make the effort to fix the situation. One of the ways is by sending the apology letter. If you happen to be in this situation, you need to write a letter in a formal tone, no matter how close your relationship is with the coworker. You need to apologize and admit the mistake. Also, explain to your coworker why the arguments happened in the first place and your effort to fix the mistakes by trying not to do the same thing again. Although it is formal, writing an apology letter to coworker has to be genuine and you have to mean everything you write in the letter.

Can You Apologize through Email?

Basically, yes you can apologize to your coworker through the email. What you write in the email is more or less the same as what you write in the written apology letter. Before sending the apology letter via email, consider which one is better for your situation.

Sample of Apology Letter to Coworker

It is not always easy to start to apologize, and it never will. Here is a sample of the apology letter to coworkerthat can be as the reference if you are in the same position and you need to find a way out.

Dear Nino,

I would like to express my sincere apology for the problem that we had yesterday. I did not realize that I hurt your feelings by saying that other people contributed the most in the project we had been doing so far, while in fact you also worked as hard as others too. I did not want to make any excuse by saying it was not my fault because it was but I really had no intention to belittle your effort all this time or to hurt you. It was merely a slip of tongue and I was wrong. I should have been more considerate towards you and others since this is a big and important project for all of us. I did not expect it to lead to a problem for our team.

As I mentioned, we are in this project together and I do not want our problem to affect the continuation of the project or our relationship in the future. I am sorry and I will try to fix my mistake and be more considerate coworker to you. Please accept my genuine apology.




Salik Khrish

So, this is the example of an apology letter to coworker that may guide you finding the right words to explain the situation. Hopefully this helps.

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